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There's plenty of great gifts available for sports fanatics
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Sport fanatic gift ideas are plentiful, fun and easy to shop for

You may think that "fan" is just the shortened version of "fanatic," but if you know or are married to a sport fanatic, you know that the two words don't mean the same thing. Sport fanatics love their teams, love their sports and love letting everyone around them know about it by the sports-related clothes they wear, stuff they collect and even the logo-covered caskets they're buried in - really!

So if you're married to or friends with one of these people and have a birthday or special occasion coming up, here's some sport fanatic gift ideas sure to please them.

You can't go wrong with clothing, accessories and humorous sports-themed toys featuring logos and slogans from your sports fanatic's favorite team or sport. Even if they already have it, clothing gets worn out or out-grown or beer-stained. If you want to make it special, get the apparel autographed by their favorite player. Women sports fans like clothes too, but they may also enjoy jewelry with team logos. For the true fanatic whose team loyalty will never change, there's always team tattoos!

If your sports fanatic likes to travel, consider a travel package to their favorite team's away game. Team offices will often offer these packages themselves, especially for games that aren't too far away. Nothing says fun like a bus full of people all screaming about the same thing, although the trip home isn't as much fun after a loss.

Another great idea is a travel package to a playoff or championship game. The Super Bowl is the Super Bowl of travel packages, but playoffs, college bowl games or opening games for the NCAA basketball tournament are reasonable. If your fanatic does a lot of driving, consider a subscription to a satellite radio service that specializes in sports. 

For the armchair fanatic, DVD collections of famous games or documentaries on favorite teams or players make great gifts. You can buy them an upgrade to their current cable package so they get more games, especially for those obscure sports like rugby or bullfighting. For times when the TV is off, a magazine or book focused on their favorite sport or team will give them more details and most magazines and books are now available for tablets and smart phones.

To enhance the experience of armchair quarterbacking in the man cave, there's always softer recliners, bigger TVs and smaller refrigerators to keep the beverages cool and within arm's reach.

More active sports fanatics who like to get our of the chair may probably prefer a participation gift. A gym membership is great for fitness fans, swimmers, tennis or racquetball players. A popular gift for fanatics who are former players or wish they were former players is a fantasy camp where they can meet some of their heroes and actually play with or against them. These started with baseball but have expanded to many other sports.

My personal favorite sports fanatic gift is a pair of tickets to a game or event involving their favorite team or sport. It's great to share the experience, not to mention the stadium food and drinks, and there's plenty of shops and souvenir stands at the venues where you can buy your fanatic a team gift or see what they like and surprise them with it later. Do this enough times and you're likely to become a sports fanatic too!

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