Swimming games for beginners

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swimming games
Pool games build confidence
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Swimming games for beginners combine practice and fun to build endurance

Who said swimming had to be all about fitness and exercising?

The pool is the perfect place to have lots of fun and enjoy yourself. A variety of swimming games for beginners are out there and are fun and easy to participate in.


Volleyball is a game that swimmers of all levels and ages can enjoy. The key, however, is to play the game in water that is deep enough for everyone to be able to stand comfortably, with their arms out of the water.

The most convenient option with volleyball is to lay an inflatable net on the water where you would like center of the game to be. Many of these types of floats feature weights in their poles, so that they will stay where you put them.

If you'd rather not purchase a float, you could attach a pool volleyball net to the sides of your pool. This type of option is typically more suitable for older players, as the swimmers are typically taller than the inflatable nets.

Use a soft ball, like an inflatable beach ball, so that it is easy to hit the ball and send it soaring. Split your friends and family into two teams and place each team on either side of the net.

Choose someone to serve the ball and send it over to the other side of the net. Someone on the other side of the net should hit it and send it back. The object of the game is to keep the ball in the air. Whoever hits the ball making it land in the water on the other side gets a point. Play the game until you reach a score of 21, or whatever goal is comfortable for you.

Since you're likely playing with children, it's important to keep things fun. Avoid making things too competitive and serious and you'll make it fun for all involved.

Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and minnows is a popular game that just about any beginner can enjoy. Your swimmers are split up into two teams – choose a few swimmers to be “sharks” and the rest are the “minnows.”

Set up the swimming area so that there are two safe zones, then situate your sharks in between them. Since it is beginners who are swimming, you want to make the safe zones fairly close to each other.

Line your minnows up in one of the safe zones. When you say “go,” the minnows are to try to swim to the other safe zone without getting touched by one of the sharks. If they are touched, they are out. If they make it to the other safe zone unscathed, they get to go again.

Keep playing until you are left with a winner. When you're done, pick new sharks, then keep on playing.

Scavenger Hunt

Combine fun and skill with a scavenger hunt. Place a variety of different floating pool toys around your pool and have the swimmers try to find them.

Give them clues as to which float they should look for, then guide them on their way if they are having difficulty. They'll have fun trying to figure out what they are supposed to look for and will perfect their swimming skills by swimming out there.

The person who finds the most toys is the winner!

Swimming games for beginners should be fun and easy to perform These games also helps them feel better about their swimming skills. And the more often they play, the more practice they will get.


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