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The typical shirt of choice for golfers, both male and female, is the polo shirt
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Women golfers can look fashionable while playing eighteen holes.

Golf has been called "a good walk spoiled," but for aficionados of the sport, those words are far from the truth. Golfers of both genders find the sport to be a satisfying and engrossing way to spend a free day. You can expect to be on your feet most of the day, and you should be prepared for different kinds of weather. Fortunately, women's golf fashion has taken off, and it no longer difficult to find comfortable, stylish, and functional golf togs.

The shirt

The typical shirt of choice for golfers, both male and female, is the polo shirt. Most companies that sell misses clothing will have a wide variety of polo shirts. For hot weather, you can go with a sleeveless polo. If there is a breeze or chance of rain, you can layer this with a collared windbreaker.

Slacks, shorts, capris, or skirts

Some golf courses are very strict about the dress code and require all golfers to wear slacks. If you're unsure of the dress code, be sure to call ahead. For more casual courses, you can wear golf shorts, Bermuda shorts, or even capris. Jeans are usually discouraged. You may prefer to wear a skirt, which should be straight and knee-length.

Golf shoes

For golfing, you can wear sneakers, or you can get golf shoes. Golf shoes have plastic spikes in the bottom, and they help you keep from slipping on the green.

Protection from the sun

To protect your face and eyes from the sun, get a golf visor. If you are concerned about also protecting your scalp particularly if you wear your hair with a part you will want to go for the baseball cap style. Many companies sell golf hats for women, so your choices are almost unlimited.

Many top-notch clothing designers, like Ralph Lauren and Puma, are now designing women's golf fashion. It is possible to be comfortable and look stylish while playing eighteen holes.

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