Yankee stadium history

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The Yankee Stadium has a long list of firsts.
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World Champions and extraordinary baseball are the history of yankee stadium

The Yankee Stadium is as rich in its history as it is in its fans. Affectionately known as "The House that Ruth Built" after their famed slugging sensation, Babe Ruth, Yankee Stadium history is a story with a long list of "firsts." It all started in 1921 when the Yankees purchased a 10-acre parcel in west Bronx to build their new home after several seasons of sharing the Polo Grounds with the "Giants." In just 284 working days, Yankee Stadium was built and ready for its inaugural game against the Red Sox on April 23, 1923. 

Officially 74,200 fans attended the grand opening game to be among the first to get a glimpse of baseball's grandest stadium. As Yankee Stadium history would go, John Phillip Sousa and the Seventh Regiment Band led both teams to center field where the American flag and the Yankee pennant were raised. Of course, Babe Ruth was on hand to win that first game, 4-1 against the Red Sox with his 3-run homer.

Yankee Stadium history is filled with many claims to be "first." Here are 8 more to add to that prestigious list.

Baseball's first triple-decked structure  - Yankee Stadium has the grand honor of being  baseball's first triple-decked stadium. The Yankee's executive offices could now make the move from downtown Manhattan to the stadium itself - located between the main and mezzanine decks.

First to be labeled a stadium - and what is the definition of a stadium? A field or stage completely surrounded by a structure that provides spectators a place to sit or stand to enjoy an event. A far cry from an open field and bleachers! 

First to have 8 toilet rooms each for men and women - Yes, even Yankee Stadium history is made here. Completely unheard of in the 1920's. The Yankees were always thinking of their fans.

Yankees win their first World Championship over the Giants - This victory was quite sweet for the New York Yankees after the Giants had notified the Yankees they must vacate the Polo Grounds in 1921.

Hosted the first world series  - and became the stage for 26 World titles. With this distinction, The Yankee Stadium would also be known as, "The Home of Champions."

Yankees are the 1st team to make a number a permanent part of the baseball uniform. Not quite a Yankee stadium first, but still a part of team history. The New York Yankees legendary white uniform with black stripes is unmistakable in any field of play.

First electronic message board - In 1959, baseball would see its first electronic message board and, of course, it was unveiled at Yankee Stadium.  

560 foot long scoreboard would include the first telescreen - The scoreboard stretched across the rear bleachers. Instant replays would allow fans to see the action up close and personal.

New York Stadium history includes its loyal fans, World championships, and extraordinary baseball with some of the all time greats. A look back through its history reveals much more than just a structure, but a great American past time.

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