Dual monitor setup for work productivity

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dual monitor system
Get the bigger picture-increase your desktop size.
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Dual monitor setup increases your computer desktop with multiple monitors

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had more space on your computer screen?  Maybe you were writing a letter based off of information you received in an e-mail.  Going back and forth between your letter and your inbox can be tiring, and looking at both in one screen greatly cuts down on your viewing space.  There are many different types of computer accessories, and a dual monitor setup can greatly increase your productivity.


The benefits of having two or more computer monitors are great.  Clicking through different tabs to read two different websites will be a thing of the past.  Having a dual monitor setup can especially help you if you are working from your computer.  Work e-mail is something which is very important and needs to be checked often.  With multiple monitors, you can keep your e-mail open and use another monitor to do other work related activities.

Having dual monitors can also help you edit your digital photos.  You can have thumbnails of your pictures open on one screen--a good way to keep your photographs organized, and open a larger image of your picture in a photo editing program.

Also, if you are revising a paper or writing a letter or paper from a prompt, you can keep the original or prompt open on one screen, and write away on your second screen.  This way you can refer to your reference materials without the distraction of tabbing through multiple screens.

Software setup:

The software setup for multiple monitors is surprisingly easy.  If your computer already has a Windows XP, or newer Operating System installed, you are don't need any extra software to support multiple monitors.  Depending on your computer, you might have to visit your computer manufacturer's website to update your display driver.

Hardware setup:

If you have a new computer or a laptop, it should already come with more than one Video Graphics Array (VGA) or Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connector.  If your computer doesn't already come with more than one connector, you will need to install a second video adaptor or replace your current adaptor with one which has two connectors.  Installing these can be tricky, so you're better off taking your computer to your local computer repair store.

Finishing touches:

Once you have your two monitors plugged in, go to your "display settings" and click into the "settings" tab.  When you open the "settings" tab, it should display two boxes (labeled 1&2) to represent your two monitors.  Make sure that you correctly label monitor 1 as the monitor on the left of your physical desk, and monitor 2 as the one on the right of your desk.  Select "extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" to allow your cursor to freely move from one monitor to the next.

Creating a bigger space to comfortably navigate your computer is very easy and relatively inexpensive with computer accessory prices coming down in price.  This simple step of adding a dual monitor setup will not only make working on your computer much easier, but it will greatly increase your productivity not only in your work time, but also in your free time.

Two monitors are better than one
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