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By George Garza
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Building an inexpensive gaming computer is completely possible if you set your mind to finding the right deals
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Learn how to build an inexpensive but powerful gaming computer.

If you are tired of buying computers that don't meet your gaming anticipation, then build your own. This essentially involves buying all your computer components separately and putting them together yourself to build your gaming PC. Here we will look at how to build a gaming computer.


Advantages to Building Your Own


Better performance. Tailor your PC to just the way you want it. You will get better performance by choosing the right combination of components.


You will save money. The cost savings could really add up. Because you are doing the work, you may even save enough to afford top of the line components that otherwise you would bypass.


You will gain experience. Let's not overlook the hardware and software experience that you will gain by building your own. You will have that "I'm in control" feeling that is worth its weight in gold.


Components You Need


CPU: With Intel and AMD offering competing CPU's, you are able to pick and choose. The AMD Athlon 64 X2 is a popular processor. But if you prefer the Intel brand, then select the Pentium line. The CPU speed is important, so select a clock speed at least 1.5 GHz or better.


Motherboard: After you select the CPU, then select the motherboard. The CPU socket type will be the interface for the CPU to the motherboard. Normally if you select a CPU, you will also get the motherboard with it.


Memory: The type and amount of RAM you can have will be dictated by the motherboard you choose. DDR SDRAM or RDRAM will be available, and you will want at least 2 Gigs worth for good gaming performance.


Hard Drive: The format you will want is SATA although ATA is available. SATA is faster, and you will want to get at least 100 gig of hard drive space.


Video Card: Should you get AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) or PCI based video cards? AGP has been the standard for a long time. But now the new PCI Express technology is slowly taking over the scene, as it is much faster than AGP. The on-board video built into the motherboard doesn't cut it for the good 3D games. Get a separate video card.


There are two companies that dominate the world of gaming video cards, ATI and nVidia. ATI is responsible for the Radeon line, and the GeForce is produce by nVidia.


Monitor: Should you go LCD (liquid crystal display) of CRT (cathode ray tube)? The CRT has been around for decades, but the LCD which runs on laptops has excellent graphics capabilities. Here are some resolutions for 17-inch size: 1024x768; for 19-inch: 1280x1024; and for 20-inch: 1600x1200.


Sound Card: Gamers looking for great audio will also need a sound card, but one with a lesser feature set than required by music producers. A decent sound card can go for under $100.


Speakers: Get extra speakers if you plan to enhance the quality of the game with the supporting audio.


So if you are going to build a gaming computer, look for a good CPU, get plenty of RAM and choose your cards, video and audio that will enhance your experience. Done right your system can come for under $1000, maybe for under $800.

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