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Knowing how to sell on Etsy may be lucrative for the home crafter and DIYer

It's difficult sometimes for buyers and sellers of handmade and vintage products to find one another. Fortunately for them, Etsy is an online spot to use in order to connect and exchange such items. It rewards those craftsmen and artists who toil daily to create works of art by allowing them a marketplace in which to hawk their wares. For consumers, there's a place to go for those hard-to-find vintage and handmade goods.

Overall, the website states that it is trying to change the way the global economy works. And with that, it takes sellers and buyers to come together and make this happen. For those looking to learn how to sell on Etsy, below we'll take a look at a few tips to get the most out of your experience.

What Is It?

In essence, the website is similar to Ebay in that it's an online marketplace where both buyers and sellers can go in order to connect to find the best available products. It's where artists and craftsmen can find niche consumers who are looking to buy certain handmade goods. It is about exposing a niche market to the world and, in doing so, allowing for artists, craftsmen, and consumers to find one another and exchange goods.

What You'll Need to Know Prior to Becoming a Seller?

Here are a few things you'll need to know before become a seller on the website. First, a person can sell something that fits into one of these three categories:
  • Products which have been handmade by you
  • Items that are vintage, which means 20 years or older
  • Commercial and handmade supplies

Simply put, anything which doesn't fall into the above mentioned categories won't be sold there. Nothing illegal can be put online, as well as nothing handmade but done by someone else.

How It Works

An overview of the process involves:
  • The seller lists his or her item online for a fee
  • The shoppers will search (and hopefully find) your item
  • The buyer will pay you directly
  • You will ship said item to your customer

Now, for a slightly more detailed look at the online selling option. You will need to register first here.  What you'll need:

  • Working email address
  • Be over the age of 18

You'll create a username and password. For sellers specifically, they will need to add an upgrade for seller status on their account. What this entails will be heading up to the Sell link at the top left corner on any of the pages. Click and you will be able to follow the onscreen directions to add the necessary upgrade to your account.

Listing Fees

It does cost to be a part of the website, as each listing will set a seller back $0.20. This occurs when the listing is published and lasts for four months or until your item is bought by a prospective buyer. After four months has passed without anyone purchasing your item, the listing will expire.

For information on fees, listings, and more, head over to the Etsy website. Items such as renewable listings, transaction fees of 3.5%, and bill payment procedures are reviewed. There are definitely fees involved for interested sellers.

One should always look at the terms of use prior to becoming a seller on the website. As well, there are sections that discuss membership and the Dos and Don'ts of the company. Thus, how to sell on Etsy just became a whole lot easier thanks to the resources they provide for potential buyers and sellers.

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