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By George Garza
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You will enjoy using your laptop much more with accessories such as a WiFi fnder, to help you locate internet hot spots on the go, and a notebook stand with a fan and additional USB ports so you can do more while your laptop stays cool
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These will make your laptop a whole lot more fun.

If you have a notebook, have you considered your must have laptop accessories? Some of these include a Wi-Fi network finder, a notebook Webcam, an external hard drive and great speakers. They're everything you need to feel at home on the road.


Kensington WiFi Finder


You want to use your wireless device. But is there a WIFI hot spot nearby to run your wireless laptop? Then this is the device for you that will help. The Kensington WiFi Finder has a small credit card-size footprint. It will help you find a hot spot anywhere within 200 feet.


Targus Ultra Mini Optical Mouse with Retractable Cord

The Targus Ultra Mini Optical Mouse is one of a handful of mice on the market with a retractable USB cord. This pocket-size device comes in at a mere 1.5 ounces. It has no moving parts thanks to its optical sensor. It includes left and right mouse buttons and a scroll wheel. It works with both Windows and Mac OS and no drivers needed.


Wireless Mouse

If you want to move away from the connected mouse then look at this wireless device. The wireless pointers are thinner than a standard optical mouse so it takes up less room and travels easily. It's sleek and symmetrical which will work for both lefties and righties. When it's not in use, the device automatically goes to sleep to conserve battery power.


Creative i-Trigue 200 Speakers

If you want to improve your laptop audio and the integrated speakers don't do the job, look at Creative speakers. The i-Trigue 200 are the ones for you. This small and compact two-piece set delivers clear and loud stereo sound. You get a headphone jack for private listening, a built-in volume knob, and three snap-on color faceplates that can be changed as quickly and easily as the tunes you're listening to.



Port Replicator


Laptops have to deal with wires and connections. So that's where your port replicator or docking station can solve your problem. Plug all your peripherals into the docking station or port replicator and this will eliminate your wiring problem. 


Lexar Media JumpDrive 2.0 Pro

Floppies are out, jump drives are in. Lexar Media has a line of portable flash drives called the JumpDrive. The drive is small enough to fit on a keychain and it can work with PCs and Macs.


JETART Notebook Stand


The Jetart Cooling stand offers several features. First of all, the card reader allows you to read and write more information than most flash memory cards on the market. Second, adjustable ball bearing fans offer a way to cool the notebook at any time. Third, a USB 2.0 hub provides three additional USB ports to the ones you already have and finally, the Jetart improves the notebook's angle for an optimized ergonomic position.




The fan is an all-time favorite for obvious reasons. It keeps you cool. Connect to any USB plug and the fan can be clipped to the top of any notebook screen and it will silently blow air on your face to you cool down. It can be found in most stores for a price starting at around $10.


CMS Products' ABSplus external hard drive

If your whole life is on that laptop, do you back it up? CMS Products' ABSplus turns this job into a plug-and-play operation. It has capacities from 20GB to 80GB. This lightweight device is an actual external hard drive with automated backup software. 


Your laptop is your lifeline to work. But use these must have laptop accessories to make your lifeline connection-oriented and workable.

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