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Anyone can speed up their computer with these easy optimization steps
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Slow computer? Speed it up!

Everyone wants a fast computer and with the ever-increasing speed of technology, why wouldn't we?  Unfortunately, the longer one has a computer, the slower it gets. Why is that?  Well, just like any room or office, your computer needs to be cleaned so that you optimize your computer for speed. Just as much as you would take care that your computer doesn't get dirty or scratched, the inside needs to be cared for, too.

In order to clean up and speed up your computer, optimize your computer for speed and maximum performance. Optimizing your computer is like cleaning it out in order to speed it up. To optimize your computer, you need technology solutions! Here are some easy tips to get your computer running at its fastest.

Change Your Startup:

It doesn't matter if your computer is a desktop, a laptop or dual use tablet. Each has a list of programs it thinks are absolutely necessary to open when it starts up.  Most of these programs are necessary, but not all of them are. For example, it's not exactly crucial to have your favorite music program open up right when your computer comes on. Having all these programs open at once just slows your computer down.

It's easy to change this "list" your computer has (don't worry: this won't uninstall any programs, you'll still be able to open them normally. They just won't pop up right when your computer turns on). Click "start" then "run" (or the "windows key" plus "r"), and type in "msconfig."
There will be a tab that says startup.  Here's the list of programs your computer opens up at startup.  Make sure you don't deselect anything important (if you don't know what it is, chances are you should leave it alone), but things like photo editing, office function or music programs don't need to open right away... they just slow your computer down.

Uninstall Programs:

You may have computer software and downloaded programs you don't even use anymore, but forgot they were still on your computer.  Don't use that extra photo editing program? Uninstall it. This will make a huge difference when you try to optimize your computer for speed.

Like with the startup programs, just make sure you don't uninstall a program you don't recognize. Chances are it's something that makes your computer function. Extra programs just take up extra memory and slow everything down.

Clean Up Your Registry:

Many people are uncomfortable in their computer's registry. That's why there are programs which help you clean it up with you ever having to open it. 

Many software programs - some free and some that you purchase -  can give your registry a clean sweep.  Why would you want to do this, you might ask? When uninstalling programs, little files are often left behind. They once worked with the program, but for some reason didn't uninstall with it. These aren't doing anything other than taking up space. A registry cleaner will take care of those for you, just make sure you backup your registry before deleting anything (the cleaner should have an option to back it up for you).

Clear Out Your Internet Cache:

Your Internet browser stores files to remember what pages you've visited in order to speed loading time the next time you visit the page. If you let it go too long without being cleaned out, however, it starts to slow down your computer--just taking up room and hampering your efforts to optimize your computer. Clearing your cache will dump all that content dragging your computer's speed down, and give you back some of the performance you'd lost. 

Disk Clean Up:

Finally, take the time to defragment your computer. Your computer often breaks files in order to run them more quickly. But when these files are updated, different pieces of one file can be in many different places, causing your computer to search for them--slowing things down. If you defrag your computer once a month, the program will put all the pieces back together, keeping your computer in shape. Your computer already has a disk defragmenter installed on it.

There are many different aspects working to bog computers down, but with the right help you can optimize your computer and get it processing data fast again. Nothing's better than getting your computer running like it did when it was new.

Optimize your computer for peak performance
Optimize computer for speed

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