How to dress for homecoming

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Show off your style with the right homecoming dress
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Know how to dress for homecoming to be the belle of the Homecoming ball

It's that time of year that has just about every student excited: homecoming. Not only do you get to dance the night away, but you get to dress up in seriously posh clothing. And, of course, you might get to snuggle up to that special someone during a slow dance.

But to make the night super special, you'll need to feel and look your best, which can be done with the right special occasion dress.

Knowing how to dress for homecoming can be a bit tricky; however, there are a few ideas that you're sure to love.


Some girls look for the same features in homecoming dresses as they would in wedding dresses. Many often choose long and flowing dresses that scream romance. Romantic long dresses are typically soft and feature a gentle color, like a pale pink or peach. These dresses can be strapless or feature halter-style or spaghetti straps. These romantic frocks often puff out at waist, as well, which can be good if you're not too thrilled with your lower half.

However, you can go with a dress that falls flat, which is romantic and sexy at the same time. Whatever style you choose, you're sure to look and feel like a princess in this type of dress.


If traditional isn't your thing, go with something a bit funky that has some edge to it. Donning a short formal dress that features plaid as its pattern will surely get some stares. Additionally, anything with leather will set you apart, but don't go overboard. A dress that features a leather bodice but a ruffled or feather bottom is edgy and fashionable and will likely earn you the “best dressed” award for the night.

No matter how edgy you want to look, you must also go for something tasteful. Taking care not to show too much skin is important, as is keeping everything in moderation.

Short and Sweet

If you're looking to add some sass to your ensemble, go with something short and sweet.

Dresses with feathered bottoms are oh-so-chic and so are dresses that feature ruffle-style skirts. Short dresses are sassy, but you don't want to go too short, even if you do have killer legs. Keep it an inch or two above the knee and you should be good to go. And since your legs are going to be on display, make sure they are impeccable. Shaving, exfoliating and moisturizing will get your gams looking gorgeous and attract much attention for all the right reasons.


It's true; patterns are back. Get trendy in a good way by flaunting a dress that features a fashionable pattern. For instance, look vintage-inspired by donning 1940s-style floral patterns. Or you can wear a dress that has a wild pattern from the '70s emblazoned on it. Many patterns are flattering for your figure and get you looking totally amazing.


And of course, you won't look your best unless you are donning the right accessories. Wearing earrings, a necklace and bracelets can really make your look pop. Slipping into a killer pair of shoes is also essential. Although you want to rock a stylish heel, you also want to make sure you can dance in them, so take a few practice shakes before the big night.

Now that you know how to dress for homecoming, you can go out and shake it with confidence and have some serious fun.


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