How to style short hair for prom

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Pink's versatile pixie cut can be soft and sweet or grrr-ly with feminine spikes.
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Styling short hair for prom is easy and fun, from cute to glamorous

Prom is a time to dress up, dance and have fun with your high school friends before graduation. How you look becomes a side note once the music begins, but can be a point of obsession during the months leading up to prom. You can browse hundreds of dresses and shoes in department stores and online. Not so for short hair, finding fun ideas for prom hair styles for short hair can be more of a challenge.

Girls with short hair have a variety of glamorous, fun or romantic ways to wear their hair. As a teen girl, you want a hair style that suits your personality, something special that will hold up to the most hyperactive dance moves without looking like a molded helmet. At the same time, you don't want to look too mature or too similar to your everyday look.

Short hair frames your face and provides a casual, wash and go look for typical school days. When experimenting with styles for prom, use embellished accessories to hold your hair in place and add that extra ‘wow’ factor.

Prom Accessories for Short Hair:

sparkly bobby pins, thick fabric head bands, thin strappy head bands

Prom Hair Styles for Short Hair:

Sleek 1920s style bob – Flirty and sophisticated, this hair style works on hair of any length, thickness or texture. If your hair is super-thick or curly, use a flat iron in two inch sections to smooth and straighten your hair. Create a deep side part and use a flexible hairspray to prevent flyaways and hold your pins in place.

Use multiple pins of different sizes on the opposite side of your part. Sparkly pins, cute straight pins with bows or flowers, or jewel tone pins offer small, glittering details.

Girly headband – Headbands come in a wide variety of styles to suit different hair types. Look for headbands 1-2 inches thick; thick headbands can overwhelm short hairstyles. Try metallic headbands or those with rhinestones, intricate floral and lace designs to compliment you dress color or necklace. With a strapless or spaghetti strapped gown, a headband puts the focus on your smile.

Consider curling your short strands for a fun, carefree finish. Make sure to test your prom headband weeks before your prom. Wear it for a few hours to make sure it will hold your hair without hurting your head.

Forage for buds – Super short hair is designed to look good with a quick comb of the fingers. Attach a fresh flower to a headband or pin one to your hair (if it’s long enough) for a colorful twist.

Not only will you enjoy the smell of a fresh flower all night, you can press the flower between wax paper afterward for a unique prom souvenir. Use a light hair gel to add volume and help your hair hold the flower in place.

Pixie spikes – What does short hair styles for prom have that long styles don’t? Spikability! Use a dollop of hair gel on dirty hair and begin scrunching your hair at the roots. Tease the roots slightly for added volume and twist the ends in small sections to create feminine spikes in the back, side and top of your head. Use a headband or gather the front center potion of your hair in a decorative pin. Experiment with this style. Try curling your hair first or using a lighter product if hair feels too stiff. Brush out the spiked ends for a softer look.

Styling short hair for prom is just as much fun as long hair. Experiment with different accessories and different ideas until you create a look that you’re excited about. Regardless of the prom hair style for short hair you choose, you’ll look fabulous!

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