Make up tips for teens

By Amy Catlin
Info Guru, Catalogs.com

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teen makeup
Teens should keep make up choices simple to show off their natural beauty
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Learning make up tips for teens is fun an easy

The cosmetic section of department and drugstores are filled with swirling pots of shimmery, bright potions in beautiful reds, blues, greens, golds, silvers, and on and on. For a teen just starting to wear makeup it can be a bit overwhelming. 

Makeup is a great tool to enhance your natural beauty. But before you buy it all, here are some makeup tips for teens so you can enhance your best features and achieve the look that is best for you:

Brighten up Your Skin

First off, let's start with your skin. Beginning to take care of your complexion now serves to develop habits that will last a lifetime. Here are a few tips to help you in preparing your canvas:
Always cleanse your skin to remove makeup and oils before going to sleep at night.

Use daily gentle scrubs and try weekly purifying masks to help keep pores clear and skin fresh.
Teens don't need foundation - just dot on concealer to cover up any blemishes.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen - protect your looks for the future.

Tinted bronzers add color without covering up your natural glow. Instead of baking in the sun use a bronzer to achieve that sun kissed look. Be sure to apply it where the sun would add its kiss - cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

Powder or mineral makeup offers a way to brighten the skin without heavy foundation.
Blending is the key. After applying your powder and/or bronzer, go over the entire face with a foundation brush to smooth out your look.
Let your Eyes Shine

They say that beautifully made-up eyes are the windows to your soul. Here are a few tips to achieve that bright-eyed look without overdoing it:

Drinking water and eating right helps to keep your eyes clear and bright.

If you have problems with redness, over-the-counter eye drop can really brighten the whites of your eyes.

Don't line the inside rim of your lower lash line - instead just use a pencil to create dots between the lashes, smudging gently for a more natural look.

Lining the outside upper rim of your eyes with a liquid liner will open them up.
One of the most eye opening effects many women neglect is curling your eyelashes. Do this first, before applying any eye makeup.

To brighten the whites of your eyes, use a white eyeliner pencil on the inside rim of your lower lashes.

To determine the proper shape and length of your eyebrows, hold a pencil vertically alongside your nose so the point touches your eyebrow. That is where your eyebrow should begin. Tweeze the stray hairs from the starting point across the nose. The end point is found by angling the pencil room the nose past the outer corner of your eye. Remove stray hairs beyond that spot, as well as from below your natural arch.

Be careful when plucking your brows over-plucked eyebrows look unnatural.

An eyebrow pencil a shade or two lighter than your natural brows or a eyebrow powder used with a light hand can fill in sparse brows. Finish by using an eyebrow comb or a toothbrush to comb brows in the same direction for a finished look.

Perfectly Pouty Pouts

When just starting out, it's easy to be heavy handed when applying lipstick. Determining shades that are best for your coloring and won't turn an odd color when you apply them can offer another challenge in the world of lipstick. If you're still having a hard time deciding which color lipstick to choose, read some helpful tips provided by our beauty experts. Here are some help tips for obtaining the perfect pout without any doubt:

Take care of your lips to keep them smooth. Apply a little lip balm to a toothbrush and gently brush the lips to remove any loose skin and prepare them for applying lip gloss.

Lipstick can be heavy and can turn unexpected colors when applied to the lips an easier solution is tinted lip gloss or sheer colors.

Neutral colors look good on both cool and warm complexions.

Many products include sunscreen which is a great way to keep your lips from becoming sunburned at the beach or pool.

If you have lips that are on the thin side, lip plumpers are a great way to increase your pout.
Many brands of lip gloss now have this built in along with color.

Keep it fun. Experiment with new flavors and darker shades for evening or special occasions, but choose your focus. Never try to play up both eyes and lips at the same time.

Hire an Expert When it comes to makeup tips for teens there are many people who can help you learn to apply makeup that will be just right for you. Here are some ideas on where to go for additional expert advice:

Invite some friends and head out to the local beauty college. Often these programs offer a day of beauty for a reduced price - you can pick up some expert tips from professionals at a reduced cost. Take along a digital camera and take pictures of everyone looking their best, so you can remember the looks you liked best.

Another place for a makeup lesson is your local department store. At different times throughout the year, the department store brands have special events where you can book an appointment with the makeup artist on staff. Many times these events coincide with an offer for a free gift, and some locations host special events offering makeup tips for teens.

If your local salon employs licensed estheticians, see about booking an appointment with one of these trained professionals. A licensed aesthetician is trained to help you learn the makeup techniques that will keep you looking your best by reviewing the many different colors and products to find the right formulations for your particular coloring and skin type. You can also book a one time appointment to achieve that special look for a first date or prom. 

Always keep in mind, makeup is meant to be fun. Have fun trying out these makeup tips for teens

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