What punk rock girls wear to school

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Green Day band
Pair a Green Day shirt with fitted pink trousers for a stylish punk rock look
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Punk rock girls school style includes DIY creations and fashion pairings

Being told what not to wear is frustrating at any age. For punk rock girls, a dress code can feel like an infringement of your personal freedom, but itís not the end of the world. Focus on what you can wear, instead of what you canít and youíll see that there are still plenty of ways to express yourself.

Itís hard to think of punk rock music without also thinking of the wide array of girls punk fashions associated with it. From classic punk bands like The Ramones and The Clash to contemporary pop punk like Green Day, the fun spirit of punk is present in everything from tee shirts and jeans to fitted blazers and plaid button downs. Retro and "mod" fashion looks are a good basis for punk style. As a punk rock girl, you can pull off anything. No need to try too hard, your personality and passion for music shows no matter what you wear.

Styles You Can Wear to School

This is a guide based on general dress codes, but every school is different. Best to get a copy of your schoolís dress code before you spend any money or take the time to make a dress you wonít be allowed to wear. If you donít enjoy making your own clothes, keep in mind that a number of online punk fashion shops offer school-appropriate clothing.

Band T Shirts
Most high schools allow students to wear band t-shirts as long as the band names arenít profane or suggestive. Mix the tees from your favorite classic punk bands with the punk concert shirts from shows youíve been to. These shirts are the beginning of your collection (many fans collect a shirt from every show they see) and show your music interests. They also happen to look great with a plaid skirt (of school-appropriate length) or comfortable trousers.

Tips on wearing band shirts:
* Consider buying band shirts in your size. These shirts tend to run large. They shrink a bit in the dryer, but not enough to make a size XL look good on a small girl.

* Donít wear the shirt for a band you donít know. Check out music streaming websites like Pandora and the punk tab on Last.fm. Youíll not only discover new punk bands, youíll be knowledgeable to talk about punk music when people comment on your band shirts.  As a rule of thumb, wear the bands you like.
Girly Punks

Youíre a punk rock girl, but that doesnít means you canít also dress like a girly girl. Feminine clothing paired with masculine jackets, shoes, unusual retro handmade jewelry or accessories is a classic punk style. Consider allowing a few baby doll tops, fitted striped or plaid tee shirts and colorful trousers into your closet. Throw in a few colorful tights so you can wear your skirts and dresses when itís chilly.

Also, donít shun basic makeup before you try it. While you canít go overboard in school, the dress code probably doesnít ban makeup all together. Try a little eye makeup, stained lip gloss or blush to bring out your strongest feature. Not necessary for everyday, but sometimes a little makeup can make a punk rock girl feel simply pretty.

Preppy Punk
Punk fashion is about pairing opposites, taking the expected and adding an amusing or absurd twist. The preppy look, with fitted sweaters, collared button downs and cuffed jeans is a fun style to shake up with some punk flair Ė the trick is not to take it too seriously. Pair a fitted blazer with a loud plaid or striped shirt. Try a solid rose pink button down under a black lace cardigan or vest for a gothic punk twist.

DIY Punk Fashion
DIY creations are fundamental to punk culture. If you sew or like to take things apart and put them back together differently, you were born to be a punk rock girl. If you donít like your options in stores, make your own clothes Ė just make sure they comply with the school dress code.

You can find a wider variety of basic shirt, dress and pant patterns online than at fabric shops. Experiment with old clothes from your closet until your creations resemble things youíd actually pay money to wear.

Itís not hard to stand out in a blue jean world. Unless, of course, all you wear are blue jeans. Who made jeans the new uniform anyway? Try changing it up a bit with bright pants and a muted shirt. From purple, to green, to pink, striped or plaid, thereís a world of patterns and colors out there waiting to show the denim world how fun pants can be. Make sure you buy trousers that are fitted and not too tight or baggy.

These ideas are only a few of the many possibilities. Once you start thinking about style, your own personality and interests will naturally guide you to find clothes that you feel comfortable wearing to school.You may even discover a hidden DIY talent.

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