Understanding cruise deck plans

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deck plans
Study the deck plans
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Never be in the dark about cruise deck plans and the location of activities

Hopping aboard a huge cruise ship that is hundreds of feet long can be exciting yet confusing. How does one go about understanding cruise deck plans on such a massive amount of space?

First, don't go along with the common misconception that many cruise virgins have: a cruise deck isn't simply the uppermost, outdoor part of the cruise. In fact, there are many different decks on a cruise, from decks that include a theatre, a casino, and more. To be the most prepared and knowledgeable, research what your particular cruise has to offer. 

Below are some activities that may be included in many of the newer cruises. Note that these activities vary, so there may be more or less to do depending on the ship line. Many different activities may be on one single deck.

Theatre and Comedy Show

Theatre lovers are in for a treat with shows that play several times a day. Comedy shows should be offered daily as well, usually with a dining experience.

Ice Skating Rink

For those that want the best of both worlds on a tropical vacation, there is an ice skating rink to cool off in! Some cruises may offer figure skating shows on the rink.


Test your luck at the casino with poker, slot machines, etc. Drinks are complimentary as long as you're gambling!

Gym, Spa, and Salon

Shed those buffet pounds by getting into some workout clothes and feeling the burn. Afterwards, relax in the sauna or get a massage at the salon.

Portrait Studio

What's a better way to capture the wonderful memories of a cruise vacation than to get a family portrait taken?

Child Care

If your child is too young to wander about the ship while you spend time with your significant other, don't worry. Operating hours vary by cruise ship, but any child care facility should be flexible.

Arcade and Play Room

A variety of games in the arcade and an interactive play room leave no room for a kid to say he or she is bored. These activities are great ways for kids to meet other kids!

Mini Golf Course

Mini golf is fun for amateurs, intermediates, and everyone in between.

Teen Spots

For teens that want to stray from the 12-and-under crowd, there are clubs and lounges that appeal to the 13 to17-year-old age group.

Pools, Jacuzzis, and More

Grab a bathing suit and cool off in an assortment of pools, both indoor and outdoor. There are also several jacuzzis, including adult-only ones for times that you need to get away from the little rascalls. If you're really looking for an amazing experience, try zip lining. It's such a thrill and provides great ocean views. Adventure seekers can also try rock climbing and surfing!

Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs

From Japanese to Italian or casual to fine dining, you can find it all on the cruise decks. Cruises are especially notorious for buffets, so keep an eye out for those! Bars, including those of a nautical theme, can be found on almost every deck. Club hopping is a must with the variety of nightclubs available. After dancing the night away unwind at a coffee shop, or pick up sweet treats and ice cream.

There is no excuse to be bored if one truly has an understanding of cruise deck plans. Simply realize your interests, find out where each activity on each deck is located, and explore away!

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