Find a stylish swimsuit even in winter

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No time for snow fights now
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Here's where to buy a stylish swimsuit even in the winter

Cold temperatures, icy roads and falling snow are nature’s way of telling you to take a vacation, someplace with white sands and warm water. The only challenge is finding the bathing suit department in a sea of puffy coats and fleece. 

They must be somewhere. Knowing where to find a swimsuit in winter - one that is not just a left over from the previous summer season - will bring you that much closer to morning swims and poolside dining. And it doesn’t take a magnifying glass.

You may be surprised at the wide variety of styles available this time of year. Winter happens to be when brands unveil their resort lines – flowy dresses, colorful tops and, yes, all sorts of sexy bathing suits. Not all mall and online stores have resort-wear sections, but those that do go all out.

As styles range, so will the price points. There are plenty of places to fit every budget once you know where to look. Online swimwear stores stay stocked year-round and carry fabulous styles at affordable prices.

Navigating online swimwear

As with anything you look for online, the variety can quickly overwhelm. The hardest parts are figuring out if a suit will fit your body just right and be well made. Nobody wants to look like they’re wearing a sack or have no clue where to buy a swimsuit in winter.

The stores most likely to cover all of your needs and cover them with style are those that cater to your body type or style. For instance, many sporty shops carry plus sizes, athletic suits and trendy styles like midkinis and bandeau tops. Go with one that specializes in resort wear or swimwear – they know the products they’re selling. 

Finding the right fit

Online shopping has many, many perks. Really, the only drawback is not getting to try something on first. Do a little homework to increase your chances of getting the fit right.

It’s always smart to read the reviews of something you’re interested in. This is where gals with similar tastes go to share how much they love an item, as well as when the size runs small or the quality just isn’t there. Take opinions with a grain of salt – people are far more likely to share negative reactions that positive ones – but it’s worth paying attention to reviewers who share your body type.

Size charts are the magic wand for anyone worried about buying the wrong size. And no guessing! You may think you know your measurements, but bodies change. Get out the measuring tape or simply wrap a ribbon around each section – bust, waste and hips -  then measure the ribbon on a ruler.

Finally, check the store’s return/exchange policy. In case it doesn’t fit, you need to know if the right one will arrive before you leave for the big trip!

Physical stores

Say you booked one of those last minute Groupon vacations to an exotic sexy swimsuit destination, and you need a hot new swimsuit right now. Wondering where to buy a swimsuit in winter in a hurry? Physical stores and online shops with expedited shipping are the way to go.

J. Crew, Target, and department stores like Sears. JCPenny and Macy’s are just a few of many stores beginning to offer bathing suits all year. The ones that consider winter the off-season often have good deals to boot. Time your shopping trip to one of the big sale windows – the holiday season or President’s Day – and you’ll trim that price tag even more.

Save yourself a trip on slushie roads and call stores ahead of time to make sure they have suits your size in stock. Many clever ducks plan getaways around this time, so you’re not alone in this search. In fact, you may be one of many smarties who get first dibs at next summer’s hottest styles.

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