Enjoy a spooky holiday at a haunted hotel or inn

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Haunted inn
Guests report seeing a woman dressed in black roaming the halls. Children have refused to go into some of the rooms. If a good scare is what you're after, pay a visit to one of the most haunted hotels and inns to be found
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Staying at a haunted hotel is more exciting than a traditional holiday.

For many, a vacation at the beach lounging in the sand and swimming in the ocean simply doesn't provide the thrills they're looking for. For those who live for the adrenaline rush, a stay at a haunted hotel or inn is a more exciting alternative to the traditional holiday. Here are some of the most famous haunted hotels and inns waiting to accommodate those who like things that go bump in the night.

Haunted Hotels in the United States:


Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Fall River claims ownership to this haunted inn, an old Victorian Home where the famous Lizzie Borden grew up. Many have heard the story of Lizzie's parents who were brutally murdered in their home. Lizzie, their youngest, was accused and acquitted of the murder, leaving the mystery of who killed the couple unsolved. The beautifully restored home is now a first class bed and breakfast where guests can come and explore the home and be spooked by its history.


Landmark Inn   Lake Superior, Michigan. When the hotel opened around 1930, a sailor fell in love with a local librarian. They decided to marry when he returned from his last trip to sea. The ship and the crew never returned and believers say the librarian haunts the inn waiting for her lover to return, especially in the Lilac Room which overlooks Lake Superior.

New Orleans

The Provincial located in one of the most haunted cities in America, part of this French Quarter hotel was once a hospital for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Sightings of Confederate soldiers and surgeons have been reported and guests have told stories of bloodstains appearing and disappearing on the bedding in some of the rooms. If a trip through one of the most haunted hotels and inns in America is what you're looking for, a stay at The Provincial may be right up your dark alley.


Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza when this Cincinnati hotel was built in the 1930s, one of the construction workers was killed and his body was never recovered. Witnesses claim to have seen a woman wearing green in the Mezzanine level and in the Hall of Mirrors. Believers say she's the widow of the worker who was killed and she walks the halls of the hotel searching for his body. For those looking for a ghost sighting, this is the hotel for you.


Haunted Inns Around Europe:


The Plough Inn located in the small town of Wigglesworth, The Plough Inn reports many strange sightings. The story goes that the landlady, Miss Gladys Saxton and her 17-year-old maid, Margaret Harrison, lost their lives in a fire at the inn in 1945 and their ghosts have been haunting the inn ever since. Guests report seeing a woman dressed in black roaming the halls. Children have refused to go into some of the rooms, stating "it doesn't feel nice." One guest reported his keys were bent during the night. If a good scare is what you're after, pay a visit to one of the most haunted hotels and inns to be found.

Old Hall Hotel in Sandbach, Cheshire, there is a hotel which dates back to 1656 and stands on the site of the original manor house which burned down. Over the years, guests have reported many unusual sightings including the movement of objects, apparitions and strange presences. The building is rated as one of the most haunted buildings in Great Britain.


Ballygally Castle Located in Antrim on Coast Road, this old castle was built in 1625 and is now a hotel. In fact, the building is the only 17th century building still being used as a residence. The ghost, Lady Isobel, is believed to be the former Lady of the castle and is a playful sort of spirit. Believers say she likes to knock on the doors of guests rooms as a prank. For those who like the experience associated with haunted hotels and inns, but do not like to be frightened, a stay in this historical castle may suit you.


Comlongon Castle in Clarencefield there is a castle, now used as a hotel that is believed to be haunted. The story is that Lady Marion Carruthers took her own life by jumping off the lookout tower of the Castle where she was being held captive. Because it was believed that Marion committed suicide, there was no proper burial, so many people believe she roams the castle looking for a proper resting place.

There are many haunted hotels and inns across America and around the world waiting for those who like a good scare. Have a creepy time!

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