Last minute travel deals

By Matt Williamson
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Last minute travel doesn't have to mean expensive airfare
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In these chaotic times, there have probably been times when you've forgetten to purchase tickets or book those vacation plans until the last minute. Or maybe had to cancel your plans, and now need to start over with only a few days warning.

Just because reservations slipped your mind, you don't have to shut the door on your trip or vacation.

Start with a web search Go to your favorite search engine and key in last minute travel - dozens of sites offering information on booking airline tickets, cruises and hotels at the last second will pop up!

Check the airline pages Most major airlines have a tab or button on their website that you can click for last minute bookings. I know several people who purposely don't book their trips until the last minute. They wait to get those great deals that the airlines offer to fill their flight manifests.

Travel sites that specialize in last minute get-aways This site offers huge deals to last minute travelers on hotels, airfares, vacation packages and cruises. And the best news of all is that there are no airline booking fees! That might only saves you a few dollars, but every dollar counts! They have the largest array of last minute deals and they will email you in advance if you want to be notified each week of their best deals. You have to be quick when booking your accommodations and flights last minute because as other people book their travel accommodations, the deals are eliminated. So if you are going to Las Vegas and find a ticket and hotel for $200 dollars and some other computer savvy traveler is trying to book it as well, he who clicks the fastest gets the most chips in Vegas! This site is aware that the majority of travelers make their travel arrangements during work hours; they even have a warning in the upper right hand corner, the boss is watching—look busy. Not only does lastminute have great travel deals, but they also have a page with information and discounts on events and restaurants for the cities that you are traveling too.

Do you want to go white water rafting or race car driving or boating? Get a discount and reservations through Lastminute and you don't have to worry about long lines or availability. They also have a page filled with suggestions if you want to get away, but just don't know where you want to go or what you want to do. The ideas literally bounce off the page at you. Just booking your hotel and flight together on this site can save you $240 or more! And that doesn't even include the other discounts you can bundle. You'll discover a list of discounted hotels and flights on the homepage. Most of the major cities are listed so cruising down the list can save you time and money. Just look, click, and book.

There is also a currency convertor and city guides available for you if needed. They also have a box filled with ideas and money saving tips for your trip that include food and wine, offbeat retreats, luxuries, Vegas, romance, and International insights.

Ready, set, book! So if you are one of the millions of people who are in need of last minute travel arrangements, make your way to the nearest computer and start your vacation as soon as you get off work! For now, look busy, the boss may be watching!

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