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There are a wide variety of motorcycle vacations, from Mexico's highway tours to India's exotic customized tours
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Motorcycle tours are available internationally.

All that is fun is on a motorbike. If you want to go vacationing with your motorcycle, or wouldn't mind renting one for a trip, there are some great places that you can visit to have a great motorcycle adventure. Read on to discover some fantastic ideas for motorcycle vacations.

Baja, Mexico

You can travel over 1,100 miles down the Baja California Tran peninsular Highway on a late model BMW motorcycle. Southwest Adventure Tours, LLC offers a nine-day, eight-night Highway Tour of the Baja California Peninsula. The ride averages 185 miles per day. The tour includes a bilingual guide, chase crew, truck and motorcycle trailer. Your luggage is transported for you for the duration of the trip. If you have intermediate to advanced riding skills, this is for you.

Motorbike Tours in India by UNI- Crystal Holidays

If it's the mountains that you are looking for then go to Motorbike Tours in India by UNI. In a typical day you drive on your bike to the Khardung La Pass. You can look at panoramic view of Karakoram ranges. The Himalyan High Altitude Motorbike Adventure is for those with a high skill level. If your skill level is medium, go to Rajasthan&Kerala Motorbike Tours.

Motorcycle Riding in Transylvania

Transylvania is a land with a rich cultural past and it offers a motorcycle adventure that is a unique, because it is beautiful, dangerous, exhausting and very intense. Your biker skills have to be intermediate to high because the road surface in most cases is bumpy. See Transylvanian motorcycle touring professionals FTH Motorcycle Touring & Adventures for this ride.

Luxury Motorcycle Tours Colorado

In this tour you will be riding between 150 to 200 miles a day. You will stay in unique accommodations and experience the mountains of the West. The tour takes you through National Parks so you can see wildlife and interesting sites. You must be a rider for at least two years. See Turkey Creek Motorcycle Tours for this ride.

Motorcycle Getaways in India

Motorcycle Getaways is an adventure touring company offering customized tours throughout India. They offer guided motorcycle tours to various exotic destinations in the subcontinent: the Himalayas, Rajasthan and South India. The intensity or skill level is not as high as the previous tours reviewed; you are eligible here if you are a beginner or if you have intermediate skills. You can join the tour if you have one to two years of motorcycle riding experience.

Off-road Dirt Bike Tours in Cambodia

Dancing Roads Dirt Bike Tours offer off-road dirt bike, Enduro and motorcycle tours in Cambodia. They offer a variety of scheduled adventure tours and customized itineraries across Cambodia. Your skill level should be intermediate to high.

California Vacation with Gypsy Soul Adventures

You can go through Northern California's spectacular scenery. Gypsy Soul Adventures can outfit you with the perfect Harley itinerary for your vacation. Riders must be at least 25 and possess a valid motorcycle license. The trip will take you through wine country and to the shores of Lake Tahoe.

These motorcycle vacations can offer you a host of experiences that you will enjoy long after you've finished.

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