October vacation ideas

By Matt Williamson
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fall foliage
Avoid the summer crowds and plan an October get-away this year
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Fall is a wonderful time to pack up your family for an autumn adventure. October is a great month to spend time outdoors. When you are planning an October vacation, try to pick something unusual. Here a few October vacation ideas:

  • Fall Foliage Tours: Depending on which part of the country you visit, you can usually plan an October vacation to coincide with peak foliage times. Colorado leaves will peak a bit earlier than in the Northeast, so you may miss them if you wait until October for your trip. Vermont and Maine will have breathtaking fall foliage if you take your trip in the first three weeks of the month.
  • Golfing Trips: You may enjoy golfing all year long, but planning a golf getaway during October will make you really love the game. The weather is fantastic this time of year in golfing destinations such as Florida, Arizona and Hawaii. Usually airfare is also a bit cheaper before the holiday season, so take advantage of it. If the whole family is not enthusiastic about golf, there are plenty of other activities to keep all members of the family occupied in these vacation destinations. Or, maybe it's just you and your golfing buddies while you leave the rest of your family at home.
  • Small Town Excursions: A lot of small town across the country offer great and unique festivals during the month of October. You can peruse the local farmer's markets and pick out delicious apples, pumpkins or corn. Popular small-town destinations include Martha's Vineyard and Taos, New Mexico. While these areas are generally overrun with tourists during the summer, they are relatively quiet during the fall.

  • Cruises: Some of the best October vacation ideas can be traditional vacations that people take all year long. Fewer tourists mean more individual service and shorter lines, so it might be a great time to plan a cruise with a loved one. Cruises are always romantic, and by taking one in the fall, you will usually be able to take advantage of fantastic package deals. Because the weather is always nice in popular destinations like the Caribbean and Mexico, you won't be sacrificing anything by taking a cruise in October. Just be aware that you will have to pay attention to hurricane forecasts during the fall months.
  • State Fairs: Whether your home state has a good state fair or not, you can never go wrong by taking a trip to a midway in the fall. This may be one of the most cost-efficient October vacation ideas, especially if a fair is within driving distance of your home. Fairs have something for everyone: food, rides, food, games, food, exhibits, food. Because county fairs are often planned around big football games, you can perhaps kill two birds with one stone by taking in an afternoon of American's favorite fall sport.

    However you plan to take advantage of crisp fall weather, just make sure you get outside and enjoy it during your vacation. It might be as simple as a Saturday afternoon picnic. As long as you take some time to enjoy the change of seasons, you cannot go wrong.

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