The safest cities in America

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Boy in safe neighborhood
Parents can feel comfortable letting their children play in the streets of these safe neighborhoods
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You'll never feel nervous in these cities.

Based on statistics involving murder, robbery, rape, aggravated assault, car theft and burglary, the following cities consistently make the top of the list of the safest cities in America. Here is a closer look at some of these great cities listed by Morgan Quinto Press

Mission Viejo, California

Located in Orange County, Southern California, the city of Mission Viejo is suburban, comprised mostly of residential dwellings and small businesses. The city boasts many parks and three golf courses as well as a man made lake located in the center of the city.

During the sixties and early seventies, city council adopted the slogan "Mission Viejo, a safe place! For you and your money" and according to data compiled from FBI data is the safest city in America.

Clarkstown, New York

Clarkstown is located in Rockland County, New York. Clarkstown is number two on the list of the safest cities in America and has landed on the list seven years in a row. This active community boasts many parks and lakes and its education system rates amongst the best in the state.

Brick, New Jersey

Located in Ocean County New Jersey, Brick has a population of approximately 85, 000 and has been amongst the top five safest cities in America for years. The city is close enough to the beaches for residents to enjoy a host of water activities and recreation. Brick has a large population of seniors and retired people and is known for being family oriented.

Amherst, New York

Amherst, New York is located in Erie County directly northeast of the city of Buffalo. Amherst boasts a number of libraries, many recreational sports leagues as well as its own symphony orchestra. The city also has a museum and a host of recreational activities for its residents. 

Sugar Land, Texas

The city of Sugar Land is located in Fort Bend County along the Gulf Coast region of the United States. One of the nation's fastest growing cities, Sugar Land is home to Imperial Sugar, thus the regions sweet name. In 2004, the city was named by Money Magazine as one of the best places to live and in 2004, 2005 and in 2006 the city won the title of fittest city in America.

Colonie, New York

Located in Albany County, New York, Colonie ranks in at number six on the list of safest cities in America. Colonie is a family-oriented town and provides recreation in the form of Thursday night concerts, summer camps and youth talent shows. The city has a historical society, a youth bureau, parks, a town pool, sports complexes and more all concentrated on providing safe entertainment and enjoyment to people of all ages.

Thousand Oaks, California

Thousand Oaks, which is called T.O by its residents, is located Ventura County, California. Named for the many oak trees that make their home in the city, Thousand Oaks has the 11th highest per capita income and the 4th highest median income in the country and residents enjoy a quiet, safe lifestyle.

Newton, Massachusetts

Located in Middlesex County, Newton is essentially a residential suburb of Boston. It is made up of thirteen "villages" all of which have a city center of their own. The city boasts two symphony orchestras, a huge library and other amenities for its residents. Newton was number one of the list of the safest cities in America in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Toms River, New Jersey

Located in Ocean Township - the same township as Brick - the third place city on our list, Toms River is home to many beaches and the famous New Jersey Salsa and Chili cook off. Toms River Fest is a large carnival held in the summer that brings many tourists to the area and downtown Toms River is home to the second largest Halloween parade in the world.

Lake Forest, California

Lake Forest
is located in Orange County California, the same county as the number one city on our list of the safest cities in America. The city is named for its two man made lakes which are surrounded by custom homes, condominiums and clubs with swimming pools, tennis courts, hot tubs and club houses.

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