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Get away to a winter wonderland for less with discounts on snow covered resorts
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Get away this winter for less with discounts at snowy resorts

Remember the joy you had as a child when you saw those first few flakes of white drifting down from the sky.  Why not recapture that magic this winter with getaway to one this country's many exciting snow resorts? 

Now is the time to book that getaway, because preseason discounts mean you'll get the best prices for your entire vacation.  Before you get out your skis and start waxing, here are some great tips for finding a great snow vacation the whole family will enjoy.

Start online

Of course you can search for discount travel online, but before you do that, use the power of the Internet to do some research.  Winter travel destinations vary widely, so you need to find the right area for your family.  Some things to consider, as you begin your research are:

  • How far do you want to travel?  Sure Aspen is incredible, but if you live in an area with few direct flights, you may spend most of a day each way in airports and on planes.  If you only have a few days for your vacation, don't waste two days of it traveling.  Instead, look for places closer to home.
  • What kinds of activities do you enjoy? Winter travel can take many forms.  Are you hoping to ski? Snowboard? Watch snow or ice sculpture?  Attend a winter festival?  Or just enjoy the bright lights of a city when it's dressed in its winter finery?  Even New York City can be a snow resort, if you travel with that frame of mind!
  • If winter sports are on the agenda, what is your family's skill level? Before looking for a discount ski getaway, consider the skill levels in your family.  Are they Black Diamond skiers or Snow Bunnies? Do your children (or the adults) need lessons?  Will anyone want to board instead of ski? Choose a resort that offers the kinds of challenges and amenities you need for a great vacation.
Use the Internet to find snow resorts that are within a reasonable distance and offer a good match for your family's interests and skills.  Now it's time to find the discounts!

Consider out of the way resorts

Instead of booking your trip to one of the famous resorts like Vail or Snowbird, consider a more out of the way locations.  There are beautiful resorts in Montana, Idaho and the Carolinas that offer all the beauty of the more popular ski and snow resorts but with lower prices.  And smaller resorts often mean more personal attention, shorter lift lines and more time on the slopes.

Check with the airlines

Many airlines offer package deals to winter vacation destinations.  These typically include savings on airfare, accommodations, and may even include special rates on lessons, lift tickets, entertainment and meals. Call your airline's Frequent Flyer desk or check their websites for specials.

Read the travel magazines

Popular travel magazines often feature specials for their readers.  Publications like Conde Nast Travel can be a great source for targeted travel deals that could save you hundreds on well known destinations and undiscovered gems.

Call the resort directly

Whenever I want to travel to a new location, I always start out with a call to the resort itself.  The hotel desk clerks and in-house Concierge often provide me with discounts and specials I wouldn't have discovered any other way.  If your vacation plans are flexible, ask them when the prices are lowest.  By booking a week or two off high season, you can often save even more.

Check back often

If you don't find the deal you're looking for the first time, call back in a few weeks.  Often lower than expected bookings or cancellations will free up discounted rooms.  It never hurts to ask!

No matter where you decide to go, a winter vacation is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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