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Make summer memories with these great travel tips
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As the temperature rises and schools wind down for vacation, everyone looks forward to getting away from their daily routine and embarking on a summertime adventure. Traveling in the summer is a wonderful opportunity to refresh yourself, strengthen family bonds and explore the world around you, and by following some of the tips below you're sure to enjoy everything the season has to offer!

By Road When planning a road trip, there are some important tips to keep in mind.
  • Car Maintenance&Safety: First, you'll want to conduct some routine maintenance on your car. Now's a great time to change the oil, rotate the tires, check the windshield wipers and replenish the fluids. You'll also want to check the air pressure in each tire. Here's a great way to see if it's time to replace your tires: "If you see the 'wear bars' - rubber strips that usually are darker than the tire-you definitely need new ones. If your tires are getting worn but you don't see the bars, stick a penny into the tire tread, Lincoln's head first. If the tread reaches to the top of his forehead or even less, consider buying new tires to make sure you are safe. If your tires are still in good shape, prevent unnecessary wear by rotating them whenever you change the oil - recommended every 5,000 to 7,500 miles by most manufacturers" (From CNN's money page)

  • Map It Out: Be sure to plan your route ahead of time, checking for road construction along the way, so you don't find yourself distracted while you are driving. Identify rest stops in advance so you'll know when you can expect a break.

  • Road Trip Supplies: As it's always a good idea to pack for emergencies, don't forget to bring a First Aid kit as well as check that your car repair kit is well-stocked. Be sure to pack healthy snacks and drinks so that you don't feel compelled to pull over too frequently. Consider who you will be traveling with and plan to bring some music or books on tape to ensure a pleasurable trip for everyone. If you have young children, spend a few minutes preparing a few road games, such as I-Spy, that families can play together (from Free Travel Tips).

  • On the Road Activities: You'll also want to pack some coloring books or other autonomous activities so young children can also occupy themselves. Storing these items in an easily accessible bag, such as one that attaches to the back of the passenger seat, will allow children to select their own activities. If you have a bean bag lap desk handy, bring it with you so children have a solid surface on which to write that will absorb some of the shock of the road. Other great suggestions to keep children happy during road trips can be found at the hotel fun 4 kids website.

By Foot Whether you're looking for a weekend excursion in your own backyard or seeking an opportunity to explore nature during this beautiful season, there are many opportunities for summertime fun that don't require a lot of travel time.

Nature Trips: If a primary goal for your summer vacation is to experience nature and get some exercise, consider taking a hike. No matter where you live, you can find great nature trails at local and state parks. Guided tours are often available, so call ahead to discover what is available on the day you plan to visit. Many of these parks have water access and provide low-cost activities, such as kayaking, fishing, and canoeing. Summertime provides the perfect opportunity to get outside and try something new! Even if you are looking for a day trip at your existing vacation destination, you may be amazed at how many exciting nature trails surround you. For more details on preparing for a hike or great suggestions for a local trek, you can check out Foot Trails. When preparing for a hike, you'll want to pack some necessities, such as bug spray, water, snacks, a flashlight and a mini First Aid kit; however, the key to an enjoyable hike is to pack light so you won't

Summer Festivals: Whether you're interested in music, arts and crafts, foreign cultures or wine, there's a festival happening this summer to pique your desire to explore. Some summer festivals are so well-advertised that you'll start hearing or reading about them just after the winter holidays; others, however, can go by unnoticed unless you specifically seek them out. One way to discover summer festivals is to plan your vacation and then investigate what is being offered in that region; another suggestion is to see what's happening in your own locale and plan a weekend around it.

Here are some suggestions for intriguing 2007 festivals in each region.

North Carolina: Belle Chere Music & Arts Festival. July 27 29 California: Robert Mondavi Winery Summer Festival 2007. all July Missouri: Midwest Matsuri: Japanese Festival. September 1-3 Arizona: Red Rocks Music Festival. August 25- September 2 Maine: Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Festival. June 14 - 17

Cost-Conscious Travelers Many amusement parks, hotels, and resorts, such as Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and Walt Disney World, offer discounted rates for in-state residents or when you purchase packages during the summer. Be sure to investigate the cost of tickets online before you leave for vacation. A good place to start your search for discount tickets while considering where you'll go this summer is by checking out the under cover tourist website.

Take advantage of one of the best summer travel tips for cost-conscious travelers! If you're searching for an inexpensive place to spend a night or even a week while you are traveling, try visiting a hostel. Contrary to popular belief, hostels are not just for college students; they can offer great lodging for backpackers and families alike. Because hostels vary greatly in quality as well as the services they provide, be sure to call ahead to discover whether you will need to bring your own linens or other items. For more information on hostelling options and important tips, you can visit Triple 1 or 1000 Tips 4 Trips.

Public transportation can be a huge money-saver, and it a great way to see the "real" side of any city. You can also meet locals, get a sense of the city's rhythm and discover shops, dining establishments and sites that might have been left out of the guidebooks by jumping on a train or bus.

From preparations to destinations, these summer travel tips should help you gear up for an exciting season!

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