Tips for a long haul flight

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Never dread a long haul flight again
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Follow these tips for a long haul flight to make airline travel bearable

There are many reasons why a person may dread a long haul flight. After all, it is a flight that is seven or more hours long. If that wasn't bad enough, you may find yourself in an awful seat cramped between two people that are loud or constantly moving.

Although some things on a flight are out of your control, there are measures you can take to make it more enjoyable, from planning to packing.

Follow these tips for a long haul flight to ensure you depart and land happily:

Choose the Right Seat

Everyone has different seat preferences, and every seat has its pros and cons. Many airlines allow people to choose their seats; book early so you have many options available. First, decide whether you want to be towards the front of the plane or the back of the plane. Sure, if you choose the back of the plane you'll board first, but by the time the long flight is over you'll have to wait behind a huge line of people to grab their overhead carry-on luggage and get off. This isn't an ideal situation if you've been flying for a long time and want to quickly get off the plane. Therefore, choose seating towards the front of the plane.

Now you must choose the right seat: window, middle, or aisle. With window seats, you have a great view, especially in the daytime. Picking this seat enables you to rest your head on the window. You also don't have to worry about getting up and down for people who have to use the bathroom. However, if you need to get up for something you have to deal with getting the two other people beside you to get up; this can be difficult if they're sleeping.

With an aisle seat, you can get up whenever you please without having to bother people. Just keep in mind that you're the one that's going to be bothered if you're seated next to people that need to get up frequently. There's also nowhere to rest your head, unless you're sitting next to someone you know.

With the middle seat, there's one less person you need to wait for to move when getting up. There aren't really any other pros. Use common sense and choose accordingly.

Pack the Right Things

The first thing many people think of when flying for several hours is food. Research the types and quantities of food your flight has to offer. If you're unhappy with the food choices pack your own or buy some at the airport to take on the plane. Remember that in most situations you're only allowed to bring four ounces or less of liquid (per container) through security, so you might as well purchase your drink after you get through security.

You also need to consider your comfort. Many flights can get nippy, so bring a sweater or small travel blanket so you're not shivering in discomfort the entire time. (Get it personalized so it doesn't get mixed up with the airline's blankets.)

If you're one who has trouble sleeping while thousands of feet into the air, bring a liquid or pill sleep aid. Bringing earplugs will help you block out any noisy people. Complete your comfortable slumber with a travel sized pillow.

Remember to bring any medications, nutritional supplements or personal items as seven or more hours can be a long time to go without many of these. It is not ideal to be miles in the air while having a physical or medical emergency.

Being on a flight for over seven hours with nothing to do can make even the most sane people go nuts, so bring things to do! If you're one who likes to read, bring a book or a few magazines. Also bring an Mp3 player with a full and varied playlist. Many long flights have TVs on the back of the seats with a selection of movies to watch and games to play. 

Finally, don't forget other miscellaneous items, such as hand sanitizer and tissues.

Whatever you decide to bring on the long haul flight, make sure it keeps you comfortable and occupied the entire time.

No one has to leave a long haul flight feeling groggy, tired, or moody. Incorporate these tips for a long haul flight into a checklist based on what suits you, and your next flight will be a breeze!

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