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The world's best amusement parks offer something for all ages
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How about a tour of the world's best amusement parks this summer? All over the globe, there are amazing parks and even more amazing rides to thrill visitors of all ages.

Here's our vote for the very best the world has to offer! 10. Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki Japan

An amusement park of a different sort, Huis Ten Bosch was designed to recreate a 17th century Dutch village. With its views of Kyushu's finest bay area, Huis Ten Bosch includes a resort and many shops and restaurants. Attractions include "Horizon Adventure" where a virtual flood hits a tiny Dutch town, dousing it with eight hundred towns of water and "Astro Gebouw", a live astrology show.

9. Tivoliland, Dalborg Denmark

This amusement park is a well rounded family attraction that includes "Boomerang", Scandinavia's biggest steel roller coaster as well as other coasters such as "Ghost Train", "Break Dance" and "Spacecar". If thrill rides are your thing, take your turn on "Gravity Tower" a fifty-five meter-high free fall. Tivoliland also boasts a large variety of children's attractions that include Fairy Tale Twined City Park, a funhouse and "Caterpillar", a junior roller coaster.

8. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool England

This amusement park is the self-proclaimed roller coaster capital of the world and includes "Valhalla", a coaster that hurtles its riders through pitch black at high speeds and "Infusion", the first suspended looping coaster. Number six on our list of top 10 amusement parks has plenty of attractions for children as well as live entertainment including "Hot Ice", a dancing on ice show sure to thrill.

7. Park Asterix, Plailly France

This park's claim to fame is its pair of very scary roller coasters. "Tonnerre de Zeus", a wooden coaster that turns its riders upside down and whirls them with several double loops and "Goudurix" a nine hundred and fifty meter-long ride that flips upside down seven times. In addition to the coasters, this park has Roman and Greek zones as well as an old style Paris Boulevard full of street performers to entertain the whole family.

6. Busch Gardens, Williamsburg Virginia

This park boasts one of the largest collections of super coasters in the world and definitely deserves a spot on the list of top 10 amusement parks. Roller coasters include "Griffon" which is set in a French village, and lifts passengers up two hundred and five feet, before dropping them at a ninety-degree angle at a speed of seventy miles per hour and "Big Bad Wolf" which plunges almost ninety-nine feet, skimming the river below. Busch Gardens also boasts of global villages within its borders; visit Germany, France, Italy, Scotland and many others. The park has a fine array of restaurants, live shows, a resort and a spa to relax you after a busy day on the coasters.

5. Canada's Wonderland, Vaughan Ontario

Located just north of Toronto, Canada's Wonderland is a must have on a list of top 10 amusement parks. Canada's premier park has over two hundred attractions and sixty-five rides including "Mighty Canadian Minebuster", the longest wooden roller coaster in Canada and the country's first inverted roller coaster, "Top Gun". Included in the park is "Splashworks" water park that boasts water slides, wave pools, wading pools, and a tube ride down "The Lazy River". Canada's Wonderland is a great place for kids and includes "Nickelodeon Central" and "Hanna Barbera Land", where kids can hang with heroes like Dora and Scooby Doo. This park also offers a host of restaurants and live shows and is well worth the trip north of the border.

4. Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia California

This famous amusement park boasts many rides and attractions including "Fright Fest", a monster coaster shrouded in darkness and "Tatsu", the fastest, flying coaster in America amongst many others. The world famous "Goliath" is a three minute ride that drops riders two hundred and twenty five feet at eighty-five miles per hour. Located twenty minutes north of Hollywood, Six Flags is heaven for the roller coaster lover in your family.

3. Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio

The number three place on our list of top 10 amusement parks is the second oldest theme park in the USA. Cedar Park boasts sixteen roller coasters including "Raptor", an inverted fifty-seven mile per hour ski lift style coaster that drops riders one hundred and nineteen feet and "Magnum XL", a monster of steel that has a sixty degree drop of two hundred and fifty feet. This park also includes a petting farm, live shows, Peanuts Playground and Challenge Park, an area where activities such as Xtreme trampoline, racing and challenge golf will be sure to entertain the entire family.

2. Universal Studios, Orlando Florida

The world famous Universal Studios has it all, from live shows including attractions like the "Blueman Group" to "Citywalk", a boulevard chock full of bars, shops, restaurants, comedy clubs and movie theatres. In addition, Universal Studios boasts a wide array of thrilling rides such as the "Incredible Hulk Coaster" which goes from zero to forty miles per hour in only two seconds before tossing riders one hundred and ten feet in the air and dropping them at speeds of sixty miles per hour. A visit to Universal Studios is a must for every family.

1. Coney Island (Astroland Amusement Park) Brooklyn, New York

The number one spot on our list of top 10 amusement parks is the historic Coney Island. This celebrated beach resort offers loads of charm and family fun. For the thrill seekers in the family, a ride on the world famous "Cyclone" which boasts six turns and nine drops within its one hundred second turn on the tracks is a must. The Oceanside boardwalk at Coney Island is a salty three miles long and hosts a slew of outdoor cafes, restaurants and shops, not to mention "Nathan's" the famous eatery known for its world class hotdogs and French fries. After you ride and eat, visit the Circus sideshow or the Aquarium for Wildlife Conser

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