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By April Hall
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Egyptian pyramids
No traveler should miss the wonders of Egypt
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School-age children are taught about the wonder and history of Egypt. Who hasn't longed to see the pyramids and the Sphinx against an Egyptian desert sunset? If you do get an opportunity to travel to Egypt, don't limit yourself to the pyramids when there are so many wonderful places to see! It may be best to plan your trip more holistically in order to witness as much of the beauty of Egypt as possible; perhaps try to plan out certain days in particular cities. Since most visitors to Egypt fly into Cairo, start there and choose a few other cities to tour.

  • Cairo: Cairo is often called the "Paris of the Nile" because of its modern amenities and culture. It is one of the largest cities in the world and is filled with wonderful restaurants, hotels and boutiques. Visitors who are interested in culture will enjoy the many art galleries Cairo has to offer, as well as the acclaimed Cairo Opera House. Of course, the Great Pyramids are nearby; as are monuments to both the Christian and Muslim religions. You will not want to miss the wonderful photo opportunities afforded by the ancient Nile River. If shopping is your weakness, there are many, many street bazaars where vendors display wares that range from fabrics, to Egyptian cotton, to spices, to even camels!

  • Luxor: Just a relatively short jaunt up the Nile will take you to the city of Luxor. The sheer number of monuments located in Luxor is unprecedented anywhere else in the world. One monument you will absolutely not want to miss when you travel to Egypt is the Temple of Luxor, built by Amenophis III. This religious center was used by ancient Egyptians to celebrate the divine ruler's human nature, and continues to hold tourists' fascination with its architecture and ornate designs. You will also want to visit the Temple of Karnak, which contains many ancient monuments and symbolic statues. By visiting the Museum of Luxor while you are in the city, you can gain an overview of the many ancient sites around the city; you will then have a greater understanding of them as you make your historic tour.

  • Alexandria: You cannot leave Egypt without visiting the site of the ancient soap opera between Mark Antony and Cleopatra! Alexandria was the center of the Greco-Roman world in Egypt, as well as a beacon of culture during its heyday. The atmosphere in Alexandria is so unique, that you can often get your best sense of what the city has to offer by simply walking around it at random. The feel of the city is different from the rest of Egypt —it is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern. When you travel to Egypt, it may be refreshing to visit a place that offers a bit more Greek culture and history than ancient Egyptian, which is why you cannot miss Alexandria. There are many monumental tombs and Greco-Roman palaces to enjoy, as well as some beautiful zoological gardens.

      While you may have a want to have a solid itinerary planned out before you travel to Egypt, sometimes it is better to arrive in an Egyptian city and let the culture and history take you where they will. Do not over-concern yourself with booking your days solid with historical tours, or you may miss the quaint street bazaars, fine dining venues and quiet parks that many of these wonderful North African cities have to offer.

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