Who are snowbirds?

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snowbirds at the beach
if you are dreaming of the snowbird life of travel and sunny climates, rest assured that you are not alone.
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Flying south for the winter: great resources for people who are snowbirds

If you have ever visited Florida, or sunny California during the winter months, you may have heard the term “snowbirds”.  Who are snowbirds?  The term is loosely used to describe the assortment of elderly or retirees people who head for warmer geographic locations during the winter season.

Typically, snowbirds are identified as retirees who can afford to maintain a second home in a warmer location.  Some snowbirds do travel with RVs, mobile homes, or campers.

In the United States, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arizona, California and Hawaii are popular snowbird destinations.  Many snowbirds also travel as far as Mexico and the Caribbean; and some even venture to more distant international locales such as New Zeland or the beaches of South America.

The term “snowbird” refers to many species of birds that fly south for the winter.  The term “snowbird”, as applied to people, may have originated in a song titled “Snowbird” written by singer/songwriter Anne Murray.

“So, little snowbird, take me with you when you go,
To that land of gentle breezes where the peaceful waters flow.

Spread your tiny wings and fly away,
And take the snow back with you where it came from on that day."

In regard to snowbirds, a one major question remains to be answers - who are snowbirds today, and who will be the snowbirds of the future?  One significant emerging trend is the younger age of current snowbirds. 

Advances in technology – telecommuting, laptop computers, smart phones, overnight mail, video conferencing... have enabled young professionals to work remotely from changing locations.  These advances have made the snowbird life style possible for a younger generation of professionals.  The average snowbird age is expected to continue to drop over the next few years.  

What are some great resources for folks who are snow birds?  There are plenty of travel websites, books, magazines, guides, even newsletters targeted exclusively at the snowbird community. is one website featuring helpful information on everything from rentals, to activities, dining, marinas, property management, and even pet-sitting in Florida. is another great website full of international travel reviews, helpful travel tips, rentals and even a community forum.

More serious snowbirds may benefit from a paperback book Follow the Sun: Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Snowbird by D.A. Bask.

Ultimately, if you are dreaming of the snowbird life of travel and sunny climates, rest assured that you are not alone.  

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