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Nursing scrubs arenít what they used to be

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Fashion is in and drab is out when it comes to nursing scrubs

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Not just nurses are wearing the new look in nursing scrubs

Remember when nurses wore crisp white uniforms and perky starched little caps? It's pretty hard to find that today in the busy and hectic hospitals and doctors' offices. Today's nurses want (and need) clothing that is both practical and comfortable for their long work days. The new nursing scrubs offer that...and more.

That's why institutions and private practices have become less stringent in their apparel guidelines. If you are new to a hospital, private medical or dental practice or a veterinarian clinic, you should, of course, check to see what is acceptable. Then start your shopping.

On line is the place to look. You will be amazed at all the new styles of nursing scrubs that are available—and at remarkably low prices. Whether you are shopping for trendy wrap top nursing scrubs or cartoon-print scrub tops for a pediatric practice, you'll find everything you need at one of the many online retailers or catalogers.

And don't forget to check how many pockets each has. Pockets are life savers, and the more the better. Wrinkle free and stain releasing fabrics are highly recommended. Check out all the stylish tops with contrasting piping and coordinating scrub nurse pants; you'll love the look and the price. V-neck tops have become very popular, as have prints and bright colors. In years past when one thought of nursing scrubs, a totally different picture came to mind. Drab is definitely out and style and comfort are definitely in.

Perhaps that's why many people (other than nurses) are turning to nursing scrubs as great casual and comfortable lounge wear. One of the most popular scrub sets has a three pocket, v-neck top and a drawstring 2 pocket pants. Talk about comfort! And talk about price—you can find it for less than $15. And it's available in many different colors. That's why people are turning to them for lounge and knock about wear.

And it's not just women who are buying nursing scrubs for casual wear, many men are also—since there's a wide variety of men's scrubs available now—also on line.

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