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What to wear to a bridal shower

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What should you wear to that bridal shower? Here are some safe choices.

What to wear is the proverbial question for attendance at almost any important occasion, but when it comes to what to wear to a bridal shower, the answer is not so simple. This is because a bridal shower is probably the only “life event” not yet associated with a certain kind of attire. If someone says to you, “you’re not wearing that outside the house, are you?” you probably shouldn’t, but other than that, almost anything non-outrageous that covers most of your body parts goes.

Party themes are very practical for determining settings and the question of what to wear to a bridal shower. If you are hosting the bridal shower, don’t make your guests guess how to dress; tell them specifically on the invitation. If you are a guest, open your mouth and ask about a dress code if nothing specific is indicated on the invite. Where the party is often reveals a clue, but if you are still not sure, just call the hostess for clarification on proper attire.

Bridal shower parties often include a theme that revolves around the individuality of the soon-to-be bride and groom. If for example, a Hawaiian honeymoon is in the works, the attire at the bridal shower can include Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts; you get the picture. Have fun and go way out of the box with this. Anything can be a theme for a bridal shower and its accompanying attire if you are planning something special and put your mind to it.

Some tips on bridal shower attire and etiquette

1- Formal bridal showers

It is actually up to the person throwing the bridal shower to determine and inform the guests how they should dress. Cocktail attire and dress suits are appropriate for black tie affairs held in hotels and exclusive restaurants.

2- Semi-formal attire

A semi-formal bridal shower can call for something like “evening resort attire,” which is a slight step down from black-tie and means something a teeny bit more festive that that “little black dress,” but still an ensemble on the conservative side. A fancy dress with some color or ruffles, or a nice skirt or dressy slacks and a nice blouse will in all probability see you through the occasion quite well.

3- Understand those buzz words

These get the point across as to what to wear to a bridal shower without much ado (about nothing or otherwise).“Cocktail attire” is code for a black tie affair, while “evening resort attire” simply means something other than the little black dress, such as a nice conservative yet festive dress or skirt and blouse. “Business casual” or “resort attire” is most appropriate if the party is held at the local country club, which means that shorts, skorts, and even short skirts are appropriate, if they are properly cut and fit well. This is not the time, however, to bring out that old dusty mini skirt!

So while anything doesn’t go when it comes to what to wear to a bridal shower, many things do. You really shouldn’t have to guess what to wear to a bridal shower as that can only lead to fashion trouble. It is most likely that the outfit you will need is already somewhere in your closet or in a heap on your bed waiting to be recognized.

 It is calling to you now and you will see it if you learn to look at your wardrobe with a new and discerning eye.

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