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bridal showers
Bridal shower decorations can look good and be interactive for guests
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Simple and easy decor tips for a fun bridal shower

Of all the different types of showers I've been to, bridal showers are always my favorite. Unlike baby showers, bridal showers usually have women of the same age, interest group and plenty of wine, champagne and fruity mixed drinks to go around. Since attending my first bridal shower back in middle school, I've seen my fair share of decorations and themes. From the classy, tea party shower to the more rowdy shower that is simply a daytime bachelorette party, I've enjoyed them all. If you're a maid of honor, bridesmaid or future in law responsible for planning a shower for a blushing bride, it's important to set the mood with proper bridal shower decor.

When it comes to bridal shower decor, try to think outside of the box. Don't just settle for a few streamers and balloons here and there. By taking the time to create a unique setting for the bridal shower, you can make the bride and your guests feel special.

For a while, the only colors available for bridal shower decor was pink, white and maybe silver. Luckily, those days are gone. Instead of falling victim to the traditional bridal shower colors, you have a whole rainbow of colors at your feet. Find out the bride's favorite color or use her wedding colors as an anchor for your decor. If you're feeling creative, use the colors of the season. Burnt oranges, burgundy and browns work well for fall, darker reds and purples are ideal for winter, while lighter colors and pastels work best in spring and summer.

Since many showers take place in homes, it's important to scout the venue ahead of time. This way, you can find out what colors may or may not work for the area the shower will be taking place in. Take the time to envision how the room will be set up and find out what furniture can be moved to better suit the shower lay out if you plan on bringing in extra tables and chairs.

Once you have an idea of what colors you'll be using with the venue, be sure to talk to the bride concerning a theme so that you can know how formal or informal the bridal shower decor should be. If your bride would like a traditional, day time shower, use light linens. Create a centerpiece using a pillar candle placed in the center of a white plate, surrounded by silk rose petals. Use feminine touches and plenty of floral designs to create a classical look.

A new popular trend among bridal showers is throwing a "Sex and the City" themed soiree. Use hot pink as your main color and pair it with black and white for a city-chic look. Take this opportunity to incorporate interactive bridal shower decor. Instead of traditional centerpieces, print out pictures of each character, along with a brief bio and paste them on hot pink construction paper. Set these cards up at the center of each table, allowing guests to sit at the table whose character they feel they are most like. Use little shoes with a favorite quote from the movie or series attached to it as favors.

No matter what type of bridal shower you're throwing, with a little input from the bride and these helpful tips, you can throw a fun party that everyone, including the bride, will thoroughly enjoy.

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