Fall wedding themes

By Rachel Hartman
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autumn bride standing in leaves
The colors of fall create a vibrant background for your autumn wedding
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Have you set the date for your special day yet? If you are considering a fall wedding, you'll find it's the perfect time of year for a cozy, intimate setting. There are plenty of warm and inviting options to choose from during this time of year. From deep reds and browns to soft candles and lighting, you can design a memorable fall wedding theme. Here are some factors to consider for your wedding in autumn.

Choose the Colors

One of the best ways to start planning a wedding is to consider the color palette you want to work with. This will set the theme for the color of the dresses, invitations, flowers and decorations. For a fall wedding, some common shades you'll find include red, burgundy, golden yellow, crimson or brown. A popular modern look for autumn uses deep brown with light blue accents. You may also want to consider a classic look of black and white with touches of red. When picking out a wedding dress, try on a cream or beige-colored one, as opposed to a white gown. If this look suits you, it will help soften the tone and set the mood for your fall theme.


There are many options for a wedding ceremony and reception no matter what season of the year you are getting married. You may want to hold it in a church. In this case, you can decorate the pews and front of church with fall-colored flowers and bows. Other fall settings include a place that feels warm and cozy. Look around the area for a historical inn or an inviting bed and breakfast. An outdoor wedding in some areas could be framed with trees full of colored leaves. You can even hold the event in a barn. The day is yours, so choose a spot that suits you.


Fall leaves in a variety of colors can serve as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony or reception. Consider small pumpkins or fall arrangements, such as a cornucopia, for table centerpieces. Another option for tables could be soft-colored candles in creams and browns, surrounded by gold leaves and set on a mirror. Fruit baskets, full of apples, pears and nuts, also serve well to display the harvest of the season.


Memorable favors to send home with the guests can be the perfect way to end your fall wedding. Anything from miniature apple pies to tiny pumpkins can be used as wedding favors. A small jar of homemade jam adds a personal touch for your guests. Small candles are often considered an intimate favor. A picture frame with a verse or poem about the harvest or giving thanks is another option. As you decide on which favor to use, keep in mind the colors and theme of your wedding.

There are many colors, seasonal invitations, decorations and favors available for fall wedding themes. Keep in mind that the most important part about wedding planning is that you are happy with the design. Consider your choices carefully before making decisions.

You may want to ask family and friends for advice. Wedding planners can also help you choose a theme that best fits your tastes. There are plenty of arrangements that need to be made for a wedding. It is important to start the preparations early. With careful organization, fall wedding themes can be carried out smoothly. All of your hard work will pay off when the special day arrives.

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