How to make wedding bouquets

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Use your know-how: DIY wedding flower bouquet
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Save money on your wedding by knowing how to make wedding bouquets

It doesn't matter if your wedding budget is $4,000.00 or $400,000.00, most brides what to save money somewhere in there wedding preparations.

Some brides decide to do everything from sewing their own dress, baking their cake, crafting the favors or making the finger food themselves! One relatively simple thing you can do is figure out how to make wedding bouquets.

A great project to undertake and easily achieve fabulous results is the making of your wedding bouquet. If you are feeling crafty, you can also gather your bridesmaids and have them craft their own smaller bouquets, so each one is unique and personalized to them.

This is a project that can't be made with much time in advance, so be sure you have enough time planned for it. Start very early, with a garden that is planned around growing your own wedding bouquet flowers.

It usually will take anything from 40-60 minutes to make a bouquet. If using fresh flowers, make them the day ahead and you should be fine. Dried flowers will last longer, but will be a bit more fragile.

Don't plan on making them the day of your wedding, that would just be crazy!

Gather enough supplies and branch out by using ribbons, beads and details to make your bouquet one of a kind! Commit to a large table set with stations of hot glue guns, flowers in vases, paper towels, rubber bands, ribbons and even a few pictures for brainstorming and ideas you'd like to recreate!

Types of Bouquets

When making your own bouquet, it is preferably to stick to some of the easier bouquets, the ones that are sturdy enough to be manhandled and can be easily assembled.

Types of Flowers

Choose flowers that will resist constant touching. Roses make for perfect bouquet flowers because of their durability and how long they last in full bloom!

Added Details

You can added a ribbon around the stems that complements your wedding colors. It doesn't have to match and it's always a lovely detail. Added beading in the ribbon or stuck in between the roses makes for a sparkly and unique bouquet.

Steps, Tips&Tricks
  1. Remove lower leaves and thorns from stems carefully. You can wear gloves for this step. 

  2. Place flowers in vase with a nourishment/antibacterial powder for at least 4 hours to give your flowers that extra boast.

  3. Remove from water and pat the stems dry and choose the loveliest flower as your center focal point. Start forming flowers (in bunches of 3, triangular shaped) around the center point. Place the next set of flowers in the empty spaces around.

  4. Use floral tape to tightly wrap the flowers together.

  5. Finish with the amount of flowers you need and cover the floral tape with the ribbon you've chosen.

  6. Use straight pin to secure ribbon. Place them in an upward motion on the top and bottom of the ribbon ends.

  7. Cut the excess stems and spray your flowers with clear hairspray to make them last even longer! 
Whatever you decide to add to make your bouquet unique, know that it already is because YOU made it. Crafting an item - like your wedding bouquet - for such a special moment will make this an event to be remembered for years to come.


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