How to write a wedding gift thank you

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The wedding event means thank yous will be needed
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Knowing how to write a wedding gift thank you takes some preparation!

After all the planning, the decorating and the getting ready for your wedding, it came and went in one day! One thing is left: knowing how to write a wedding gift thank you card.

All you have remaining is a huge pile of great wedding gifts to go through and you couldn't be more excited! The gifts arrived even before the wedding and some arrived on the day of; depending on the type of bride you are, you either opened them immediately or stacked them in a safe room to open them after the wedding.

To ease the intense writing, be prepared to write thank you cards even before the wedding. This will make them easier to handle and you will have the gifts fresh in your memory.

Remember the guest list you used to address your invitations? Save it! Place the name of the gift next to the gifter and when the thank you note is written, check it off.

Writing Tips

  • Set up an area for writing. It doesn't have to be closed-off with no distractions, it could be somewhere in the living room with a TV or radio to also make this a fun time.

  • Purchase good quality stationery as well as writing instruments. Go for pens that won't leave ink marks and are quick dry. Traditionally, notes are written in blue or black ink, but don't let that hold you back if you want to include your wedding colors in your writing also! Monogrammed cards are also a good idea, but remember not to use your future monogram before the wedding. If you need to mail thank you notes before the event, be sure to have a few with your maiden name on them.
  • Purchasing address labels is a great way to let your friends and family know your new address and they'll save time on writing.
  • Remember to purchase enough stamps. The Postal Service even has themed wedding stamps, very appropriate for the task at hand.
  • Make each thank you card personal, even when you don't know the guest in question. Mention the gift specifically if it was a physical object and if it was monetary, mention what you will use it for.
  • Streamlining makes this project go faster and smoother. These are some of the steps you can streamline. Have your spouse help you with these:
    • Stick stamps
    • Place address labels
    • Write names and addresses

  • Realize you won't get them all done at once. It's okay if you send these out later than planned, but try to send them before your two-month anniversary, which is generally enough time to write them!
  • Remember that a handwritten, personalized card says you care enough to take the time to write them. Don't send pre-printed, general thank you cards! Not only will they say "I don't care about you" but they also say that you didn't appreciate their thoughtful present.

Writing wedding gift thank you cards is a tradition and a thoughtful way to say thank you to your friends and family. Make them detailed and they will appreciate the cards even more!

Happy writing!

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