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We have ideas for the perfect maid of honor speech
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One of these maid of honor speeches maight be just right for you

Speaking at your friend's wedding is an honor...and possibly one of the scariest things you'll have to do as the maid of honor.  When it comes time to raise your toasting glass, don't panic!  We have gathered maid of honor speeches that will make your friend happy she chose you to help on her special day.

Talk about what you know

If you and the bride grew up together, talk about what the she was like as a child. Funny, but not embarrassing, stories area wonderful for your speech. Start with when and how you and the bride met, how long you've been friends and some of the things you've done together over the years. A "then and now" speech fits well with this kind of speech. For example, "Sarah was always the first one into the mud puddle, the first volunteer for the finger painting table.  Thank goodness she outgrew that before it was time to wear a wedding gown." 

If you and the bride were talking often when she first met her groom, share any (appropriately) funny stories or comments she made as they began their relationship. Did she change her clothes a dozen times before their first date? Wonder out loud how she could possibly be dating a Trekkie, computer geek or outdoorsy guy?  These early thoughts and events are ideal as maid of honor ideas for speeches that will keep the wedding guests listening...and giggling... without embarrassing the couple or their parents. 

Share a funny quirk or trait

Does the bride have a funny quirk she'll be bringing to her marriage? Is she obsessed with designer shoes or purses? Is she unable to pass a garage sale without stopping to take a look? As long as it's not something that will make the bride uncomfortable, a speech that "warns" the groom about what he's gotten into is another good choice for a maid of honor speech.

Why the groom made a wonderful choice

If you know the bride well, a speech which tells the groom why he made the perfect choice is a sentimental choice for a speech. Talk about her generosity, her kindness, her intelligence and of course, her deep love for the groom. Just be sure to keep it one is perfect, and if you make her sound like Mother Teresa, it will come off as phony.

A spiritual message

If the bride and groom are spiritual people, a message about the spiritual nature of their relationship is a good choice. Just make sure your speech and any religious texts you choose are more about their beliefs than your own. If the couple follows a liberal view of religion, a more orthodox version of faith is inappropriate. Remember, this is their day, not yours.

Good wishes

Offering the bride and groom wishes for a long and happy life together, a big family or prosperity are all traditional in maid of honor speeches. Make sure your wishes are in line with the couple's plans. If they plan to forgo children and travel the world, wishing them a large family will not go over well.

A welcome to the family

Sometimes the maid of honor is the groom's sister, rather than the bride's friend or family member. In such a case, offering the bride a warm welcome to the family, along with lampooning (gently!) some of her brother's quirks, is one of the best maid of honor ideas for a speech that's guaranteed to touch everyone's heart.

A word of caution

There are certain topics that are off limits in a wedding speech, including:

  • Past sexual experiences of the bride or groom
  • Old boyfriends, girlfriends or ex-spouses
  • Genuine character flaws or behavioral problems, like a bad temper or an addiction
  • Religious differences
  • Legal problems or prison time
  • Financial challenges, including employment issues, bankruptcy or debts
  • Genuinely embarrassing events or actions
  • Negative comments made by one member of the couple about the other
  • Family feuds, estrangements or other family issues
  • Anything that will embarrass the bride or groom's family

Giving a speech at your sister or best friend's wedding may be scary, but once it's over, it will become a treasured memory.  Enjoy the honor!

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