Make your second wedding better than your first

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Wedding on beach
Hold your second wedding at the beach. Any location that means something to you and your mate is perfect and will be original to the two of you
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You will have more choices when planning your second wedding.

Second weddings are a new beginning for couples who, despite previous disappointments, still believe in marriage and are eager to embrace and celebrate their second chance. The sad truth is that up to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce; the good news is that 80 percent of us believe in love enough to try it again.

One of the great things about second weddings is the freedom you have in planning a ceremony just right for you. The pressure that comes with a large, expensive wedding will probably not be an issue; both of you have probably been down that road before and being wed a second time gives you a chance to get married the way you want without having to conform to family or societal expectations.

That is not to say that a second wedding cannot be a white one - perhaps your first wedding was small or perhaps only one of you had a large, formal wedding. This is the great thing about second weddings: they can be anything you want them to be, unfettered by out-of-date traditions and age-old etiquette. These fresh second wedding ideas will be sure to inspire you.



One of the most exciting parts of a second wedding is deciding what to wear. Keep in mind that although wearing a white wedding gown is entirely acceptable, this is the bride's chance to make her ceremony different and her wedding gown unique. In a second wedding, the bride can wear any color she likes. One of the most exciting second wedding ideas is to shake things up this time around. If you wore a ball gown or princess dress the first time around, thrill your guests with a sexy sheath dress or a fabulous, tailored suit. Or, consider purchasing a designer dress that you have always wanted but simply could not justify. What better reason to splurge on yourself? The handy part about this is that you can wear the dress again to other formal occasions, making your gown not only beautiful and unique but recyclable as well.

Mixed Families


If one or both of you have children, it will be important to include them in the ceremony. Traditional roles of flower girls, ushers and ring bearers can be given to smaller children, while older children can be given the honor of acting as maid of honor or best man.

A great idea is to have family vows, which marry the entire family, not just the couple. Rings can also be exchanged, showing the families devotion to each and every member. Letting the children know that their new family is a unit and that they are an important part of it is essential to the success of any second wedding.




The exciting part of a second wedding is that it is your wedding and you have the choice of what kind of wedding you would like it to be. With this kind of freedom, pick the style of wedding that makes you happiest. Hold your wedding at the beach or in a garden, or at your favorite scenic spot. Any location that means something to you and your mate is perfect and will be original to the two of you.

Alternatively, theme or destination ceremonies are fabulous second wedding ideas. Theme weddings can be planned around ideas like a beach theme, where all your guests wear their summer styles and dance to The Beach Boys, or have a medieval type weddings where guests dress in fine costumes and dine on the fares of that era.

Destination weddings are a great way to hold a wedding and honeymoon with friends and family. Invite your family and friends to join you at your favorite getaway for a week; you and your spouse can remain longer for some romantic time alone.




Second wedding ideas include writing your own vows. The traditional promises work well for first weddings but if these vows were used in your previous ceremony, it would be best to write meaningful ones for your new relationship. This will set it apart and emphasize to your friends and family, as well as to each other, that this is a new beginning.

Whatever type of second wedding you choose to have, enjoy it and remember this is your day. Congratulations!

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