Spring wedding ideas for your special day

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Spring Wedding
Spring is a time for new beginnings. Exchanging vows in this beautiful setting is a great start to a new life together.
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Wedding ideas for spring are endless

Spring signals the beginning of the wedding season.  Couples often choose a spring wedding because it's a time of rebirth and renewal.  This is the perfect time to tie the knot.  There's less competition because spring weddings rank third behind summer and autumn weddings.  You'll have more access to high quality vendors, and find discounts on sites and travel.

If you're planning a spring wedding, think about your favorite parts of spring.  Maybe you'll have an early spring wedding.  Your guests will step out of the cold and into the warmth, surrounded by beautiful floral designs.  If your a couple that loves the sun, consider a May wedding with bright colors.  Here are some spring wedding ideas to assist you with planning your spring wedding.

Spring wedding ideas

Are you planning a church wedding?  Speak with your church about using their Easter decorations.  You'll also find vendors and sites are readily available in the spring versus the summer.  Due to the prom season, you may have to book limousines and tuxedos earlier.

You may get married in a garden surrounded by the beauty of nature.  With an abundance of freshly bloomed flowers, there's no need to go overboard with floral arrangements.  A fresh, green garden is the perfect setting to say "I do."

Do you like to dine by candlelight?  Get married a little later in the day surrounded by the romance of candles.  The other alternative is to light candles in the evening to begin your reception.  Your guests will definitely feel that loves is in the air.


Spring wedding ideas include color schemes.  Do not be afraid of vibrant colors.  Most spring weddings include soft pastels such as pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and purples.  But, a vibrant color can make your wedding come to life.  Choose hot pink, orange, and lavender.  You could pair an earth tone color such as chocolate brown, terracotta, or beige with one of these colors.


No wedding would be complete without flowers.  Brides often choose daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, lilies, gerber daisies, and tulips.  An arrangement made from multi-colored calla lilies will brighten your wedding.  Utilize the Easter season by filling white or light colored baskets with spring flowers.  For a garden wedding, use a terracotta pot filled with spring-moss.  Use various garden herbs such as rosemary to make potted combinations for your reception.  Guests can take these home as a remembrance of your wedding.  These floral spring wedding ideas are a great touch to any wedding.

Wedding Dresses

A bride must have the perfect wedding dress.  Magazines usually show dresses with large, full skirts and sleeveless tops.  Look for a dress that fits your style and taste.  If you will be chilly at night, purchase a wrap to go with your dress. 

Many brides are opting for color in their wedding dresses.  You could wear a sash in a pastel color such as blue or pink or find a dress with a "hint" of  color to it.  When you're considering your spring wedding ideas, remember that you could always wear your mother or grandmother's wedding dress.


The menu could include fresh vegetables such as baby carrots, baby asparagus, sugar snap peas, and new potatoes.  Miniature quiche would be a delightful touch.  What bride does not like chocolate?  A chocolate cake with coconut frosting is scrumptious.  You could do a carrot cake as well.  Fresh fruit such as strawberries, apricots, and rhubarb will be in season.  A tart topped with fresh strawberries will satisfy your guests.  Another favorite is a cupcake tree. 

Your guests will enjoy making a Champagne toast to you and your new life together.  Add color  by serving Mimosas or a drink of you own.  Mint and strawberries spruce up any beverage.  You could have an "old fashioned" punch bowl.  There are an abundant of spring wedding ideas for your menu.

These spring wedding ideas will help you plan the perfect wedding.  Remember to enjoy your wedding.  You put a lot of time and care into planning your special day.  Have fun and take in every moment!

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