Wedding reception table decorations

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A vibrant centerpiece is surrounded by candles and candy-filled spoons.
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Stylish table decorations for your wedding reception

For your special day, choose wedding reception table decorations that fit your style and personality.  They can be witty and whimsical or chic and elegant.  No matter what you choose for your table decorations, your wedding reception will be one that your guests will not forget.

Wedding reception table decorations are more than just decorations.  They are keepsakes that will remind your guests of your special day.  Getting married on the beach?  Top your tables  with a beach pail candle holder or with sailboat photo frame

Ideas for Table Decorations


Red and white M&Ms in a bag

A candy-filled spoon


Flute glasses -- with or without something in them

Small vases with colored sand in them

Disposable camera

Favor boxes

Picture frame

Brides who are "fashionistas," can make a statement with their wedding reception table decorations.  A purse wedding favor box and place card holder is the perfect decoration.  Brides will not be able to resist this "2-for-one" deal!

Many couples are married in the spring and summer.  If you're having a wedding where it is "hot and muggy," decorate your reception tables with photo fans.  This is a table decoration that guests will be able to use for years to come.

Budget Friendly

You do not have to spend a ton of money on wedding reception table decorations.  This is good news if you have a limited amount of money to spend or plan to stick to the budget.  Purchase items such as boxes and bags and dress them up with a bow or ribbon.  These decorations are sure to charm your guests. 

Decorate the tables at your wedding with a favor tin.  Fill the tin with your favorite tasty treat such as candy hearts, almonds, or chocolate kisses.  Use adhesive labels and print your favorite design to wrap around the tin.  Create a memorable cover for the tin, and you have a table decoration that will be a hit.

No Stress

When you're planning your wedding reception, try not to stress out about your wedding reception table decorations.  There are plenty of table decorations to choose from for your wedding day.  Choose items that are decorative as well as functional.  You can even match them to the colors of your wedding. 

Say "I do" to table decorations that will delight your guests.  Think of your wedding reception tables as a blank canvas.  Place upon them creative and unique table decorations.  Your reception will stand out and guests will remember your wedding.

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