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RSVP cards are an easy way to estimate a more accurate head count
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Take the guess work out of wedding planning with rsvp cards

It seems like it as only yesterday that I was choosing my flowers, tasting cakes and creating the perfect seating chart. Like so many other brides, planning my wedding was one of the most stressful times in my life. I know I must have earned four out of my six gray hairs during that year long period. I wasn't nervous about fitting into my dress, the dj playing the right songs or the menu, I was having nightmares about my fluctuating guest list. 
Before I discovered the magic of wedding rsvp cards, I was worrying about guests bringing extra people, long lost relatives showing up for free food and other random wedding crashers. What if I ran out of food? What if there aren't enough seats for everyone? What if Aunt Sharon gets seated next to Aunt Sheila? These questions kept me up at night until my wedding planner suggested that I included wedding rsvp cards in my invites.

Wedding return address labels and wedding RSVP cards are a necessity for the modern bride on a budget. Many caterers ask for an estimated headcount for your reception. If you go to far under, you end up paying for food that extra guests weren't there to eat, if you go over, you run the risk of extra fees and running out of food. Either way, not knowing who to expect on your wedding day will cost you. Wedding rsvp cards will help you take the guess work out of your guest list.

Regardless of the size of your wedding, the number of people expected are important to your vendors. For instance, the site manager of many reception halls ask for a head count to be sure your guest list does not go over their safety capacity. You don't want the fire marshall showing up to your reception and shutting it down because 350 people have crammed into a site that is only supposed to house 200. Wedding rsvp cards were created to avoid capacity nightmares, catering catastrophes and wedding planner jitters.

Today, more and more brides are choosing the 'do it yourself' approach. From the bouquets to the favors, couples are deciding to save money by getting their hands dirty. The stationary is one of the easiest places to cut costs in a wedding. Not only are there a number of retailers that offer affordable invitation kits, but there are a great selection of stationary programs available online that can help you create the perfect, affordable invite. Since many stationary companies charge extra for rsvp cards, you can try printing them yourself. This will enable you to coordinate them with your existing invitations and use your own wording.

How do I word my rsvp cards?

There are a number of ways to word your rsvp cards. It always depends on the wedding and how formal or casual it is. Here is an example of common wording for wedding rsvp cards:

The favor of a response is kindly requested by October 30, 2010.

___ Accepts with pleasure
___ Declines with regrets

If you are having a seated dinner with options, you can also include a dinner rsvp with your card. This allows your guests to choose their entree and lets you give your caterers a more precise count for specific meals.

Invitations are only the tip of the wedding stationary iceburg. Along with invitations and rsvp cards, you could benefit from purchasing wedding return address labels. Purchasing return address labels will allow you to send thank you cards to your guests without getting a cramp in your hand from writing out hundreds of addresses.

Taking advantage of rsvp cards and wedding return address labels will help you take some of the stress out of your big day and let you worry about bigger keeping Uncle Arnold away from the open bar.

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