What is wedding dress heirlooming?

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Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes, and so do traditions!
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Ever thought of heirlooming your wedding dress for future generations?

After searching for the perfect wedding dress for months and months, you found it.

Or maybe it took you just a single day, or a click on a website guide to used wedding dresses.

Whatever your case may be, wedding dresses normally take some effort in finding the perfect one and getting it to fit just right. After all your hard work, wouldn't you love for a beloved family member to wear your hard sought out dress in the future?

Wedding dress heirlooming has become a trend, like all things vintage, used by even Hollywood stars now a days. The value of dresses has gone up and brides are looking to be more resourceful and wise in their spending. Wearing an heirloomed dress is both economical and sentimental.

You have the perfect dress and the wedding day goes without any glitches. Make sure to have a laundering service set up ahead of time to pick up your dressing the day after the wedding. Do NOT wait after you come back from your honeymoon to start the cleaning of your gown. You might have stains that you didn't notice -- sweat stains and the dragging of the dress on the floor -- and the honeymoon time will give stains time to set and be harder to remove.

Have a family member be responsible for getting your wedding dress to the cleaner promptly.

Explain to the laundry service what you need beforehand.

Step by Step: Caring for an Heirloom Wedding Dress
  1. Set-up a service to either pick up for dress the day after or have a family member take it in. Choose which cleaning you'd like and explain that you will be preserving the gown.
  2. Choosing to hang your gown is not the best idea because gravity will exert pressure on the shoulders and cause the dress to lose shape. If you NEED to hang it, make sure to cushion the shoulders of the dress and check on it from time to time.
Where will you store your heirloomed wedding dress if you choose not to hang it?

Chest: Bride To Be recommends against wooden chests unless there is a physical barrier between the wood and the dress. Wood contains acids that over time will destroy and stain your dress.
Vacuum-sealing your dress is a great way to avoid air pollution in it and humidity, two very dangerous factors for the health of your dress. You want to avoid humid places in your house, as well as anywhere were there is obvious smoke or heat.

Check your heirloomed wedding dress once a year to make certain that it is sealed, dry and that there are no insects in the packaging.


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