Where do you find custom made women's clothing

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custom womens clothing
Slip into a perfect fit
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Find custom made women's clothing online that is stylish and well fitting

Finding clothing that fits your body like a glove and suits your style, color and fabric preferences isnít easy for anyone. For plus size women it can seem impossible. Continue seeking and you may find what youíre looking for or you may keep running into baggy fashion horrors.

Having clothing tailor made is no longer a luxury reserved only for the very rich or super famous. If you happen to be in Southeast Asia, ordering these items to fit your body, choosing the fabric, styling and patterns is surprisingly affordable. Thatís if you have the time for fittings and, of course, you have to get to Southeast Asia.

If you canít fly across the globe, you can always find custom made womenís clothing online. Mass customized fashions is one of the latest and greatest trends and itís within reach. Yes, your perfect dress and fit is only a few clicks away.

Online women's fashion boutiques now offer stunning collections of customizable designs at off-the-rack prices. One of the first companies to introduce this idea was Levi Strauss  back in the 1990's. For years you could order tailor-made jeans that lasted for years and fit like they were made for you because they were.

Good news for fashion lovers. A creative crop of industrious, independent designers is stepping up to fill the made-to-order void. There are fashions for all ages, sizes and price ranges. You can find stylish casual and work outfits, formal dresses, couture and even bespoke menís suits for your favorite fellow.

How it works

Mass customization may sound too good to be true. If youíre thinking a designer at the other end of the Internet will take your measurements and create your dream wardrobe Ė any design you want, thread by thread Ė well thatís not how this works. The part that makes this trend so affordable is that the styles are still produced in mass.

Custom clothing manufacturers offer existing styles for you to choose from. You get to personalize the color, sometimes the material and the cut of each garment. The best part is the item is made to your measurements so it fits your body perfectly Ė no awkward shoulders or too-tight waist lines.

Are you ready to give tailored clothing a try? To find custom made womenís clothing, it helps to have a general idea of what types of garments you want. The pool of menís shops is much larger than womenís, so let's point you in the right direction.

Popular online womenís boutiques

Shops like Charles Tyrwhitt specialize in blouses and shirts only and allow you to select sleeve length, cuff, collar and pockets. Modern Tailor caters to professional men and women looking for suits, slacks and shirts. Tailor Store offers similar styles for men and women interested in fashions and prices comparable to Nordstrom and Brooks Brothers.

Women of all sizes like variety and for that youíre best options are sites that focus entirely on womenís latest fashion styles. Here youíll find those dream dresses that accentuate your shape, tops that look so good youíll want to wear every day and pants that feel so right youíll want a pair for every day. LURAP and eShakti are two custom designers leading the way for happy gals.

Before ordering, read the fine print! Return policies for these types of clothing stores vary. Since the items are tailor made to fit your body, some made-to-order stores have stricter policies. 

Each body is different and itís about time clothing options reflect that. Now you know where to find custom made womenís clothing. From dresses, and skirts, to tops, pants, jumpers and even shoes, these days you can have any item tailored to your body. 

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