How do I find out my face shape

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square shaped face
Women with square faces often have prominent jaws
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Wondering how do I find out my face shape? Use these tips for beauty basics

If you've ever wondered "how do I find out my face shape," it may have been to enhance your appearance. Haircuts and even earrings work better on some faces than others, and knowing what yours is can help you look your best.

Lipstick and a Mirror

Faces are usually described as square, oval, circle, heart, square or diamond shaped. Each shape has its own characteristics, which you can certainly look for, but there's another way to find out what you have. All you need is a mirror, headband and some lipstick.

Pull your hair back into a ponytail -- if you can -- then pull the rest of it back with a thick headband. Your goal is to get all of your hair away so that you can really see yourself. Using a thick and sturdy headband ensures that even heavy bangs are pulled back. If your hair won't fit into a ponytail, simply pull it back with the headband.

Stand in front of a washable mirror, and make sure you are close enough so that your shape is easy to see. Use the lipstick to trace an outline of your face into the mirror. Don't worry about your ears -- you can leave those out.

Now take a step back and examine what you have drawn on the mirror. Decide which shape your drawing resembles the closest, and that is probably your shape.

If you'd rather not use lipstick on a mirror, turn on the shower and let the bathroom mirror become steamy. Then trace your outline with your finger. Do it before the mirror becomes too steamy, or you won't be able to see yourself.

Take a Look

Another way to determine the design of your face is to take a look at its features. Start by asking yourself a few questions. For instance, is your face as wide as it is long? And if so, is the widest part at the ears? If you answered yes, there's a good chance you are a round.

Round faces typically showcase soft features and prominent cheeks. The cheeks aren't typically sculpted. In fact, some ladies who have this shape feel their cheeks make them appear chubby. With the right haircut and makeup, however, you could make them look less full.

If you answered "no," ask yourself, "is my face longer than it is wide" and "do I have a high forehead and narrow chin?" If you do, than you are probably considered an oval.

Ovals don't have too much angle or roundness, which is why this shape is considered to be the most versatile. These women can wear just about any haircut, eyeglass, makeup and jewelry.

If you aren't oval or round, take a look at your jaw. If it's prominent and has sharp angles, and your forehead is the same width as your jawline, there's a good chance you are a square. Because your forehead and jaw share the same wideness, they create four "corners," making a square.

Ladies with this shape are often noticed because of their prominent jaws. Although gorgeous, they can often be distracting and with the right haircut and earrings, you can soften those angles. For instance, hoop earrings or those that feature curves, help to balance out the square and make it look more delicate.

If your chin is much more narrow than your forehead, you are probably a heart. These designs are similar to rounds, except for that narrow, and almost pointy, chin. Hearts may also have widow's peaks, which further accentuates the shape.

Last but not least is the diamond shape. These women have wide cheekbones or jawlines that stick out further than the forehead or chin, creating that angular shape.

Now that you no longer have to wonder "how do I find out my face shape," you can start wearing the right accessories to make you look better than ever.


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