How do I get my hair to curl

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Curling irons are easy to use and often effective
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If you're wondering how do I get my hair to curl here are styling tips

If you have straight hair, you've probably wondered, "how do I get my hair to curl" before. But the problem is, not every strand will do what you want it to, which leads to frustration. 

Before you decide your dreams of a beautiful style are out the door, don't give up -- with a few tricks and tools, and carefully selected hair care products, you can get your locks looking beautiful and sleek.

It Starts With the Shampoo

Prep your strands to hold a wave by washing with a shampoo that gently cleanses, and also adds some body. Mint shampoo washes dirt, oil and styling products out of your tresses gently and all-naturally, without causing damage or leaving residue behind.

The mint also gives your strands a boost, and adds body and drama. By invigorating your tresses, your strands are more likely to hold a style and give you the look you desire.

Magical Mousse

While they are wet, rub a dollop of mousse in the strands. This foamy, white-stuff may look innocent, but it is actually an expert at encouraging locks to have body and texture.

Only add mouse to the ends of your strands if you just want them to have style. Go ahead and work it throughout the entire length of your locks if you want them all to have great bounce. Adding mousse to your roots also helps lift them up, which gives you tons of body.

Drying It Out

The next step in reaching your goal is to get your tresses nice and dry. You could let them do so naturally, but that takes a while. Plus, air-drying is often an invitation for frizz. Instead opt for blow-drying your locks.

Section off your strands by putting the upper half on the top of your head. Secure them in place with a clip. Now use a large, round brush with your blow dryer. Adding a bit of curl during the drying process encourages them to hang on later.

Once you are done with the bottom portion, release the section you have clipped up and concentrate on the upper half. Make sure you spend some time blasting your roots with air to give your hair some lift and body.

Tools of the Trade

When it comes to adding style, you have two tool options. First, you can use a curling iron. This technique is quick, easy and gives you instant results. You could also try hot rollers. Rolling your tresses in these often takes a while and you usually have to wait a good period of time until you get the results you desire. However, they give your strands more lift and body.

If you opt for the roller method, section off your strands again. The size of the sections depend on the size of your rollers. Use small rollers if you want tight, ringlet-like curls or use big rollers for large waves.

Place the roller at the ends of your strands, and roll under towards your head. Only roll about halfway up if you want style only at the ends of your locks. Roll all the way to your scalp for all-over style.

Secure each roller with a pin, and continue to work until all your stresses are involved. Hot rollers take some time until they get your hair styled, so read the directions for your particular brand. Take care when rolling so that you don't burn yourself.

Once they are finished working their magic, release them and run your fingers through your locks.

If you opt for the iron, make sections, again. If you have a large iron, which will give you wide waves, make big sections. If you're looking for spirals, go with a smaller barrel and make smaller sections.

Clamp the iron down on the ends of your tresses, then roll it in towards your head. Hold the barrel vertically for spirals, and horizontally for waves that fold under. Carefully touch the hair on top of the iron and when it feels hot, release the iron.

Continue the process until you have completed your entire head. Now spritz your locks with hairspray. Using a product that contains Argan oil and vitamin E keeps your strands looking healthy and shiny.

With these effective tips, you'll never have to wonder "how do I get my hair to curl" again.


Real Simple: How to -- Curl Hair

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