How to wash a wig

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Wigs are either human hair or synthetic
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Learn how to wash a wig with these tips

For those looking for easy ways in which to provide upkeep for their wigs, look no further.  Whether it's synthetic, human hair, or a combination of the two in FiberFusion blends, washing your piece shouldn't be a huge hassle.  There will be slight differences in ways you can wash, depending upon type and expert asked.  For the most part, though, there will be a set list of items discussed below on how to wash a wig.

Washing Methods for Synthetic Hair

For synthetic hair pieces, certain items will change depending upon whom you ask.  Other methods will be set in stone. 
  • First, remove any tangles that have accumulated with either a brush or comb.  Be sure to use only cool water during the entire washing process.   
  • Add about a capful of synthetic shampoo and blend into the water.  Be sure not to rub into the hair -- Just gently swirl around.  Gently wash the synthetic hair piece from 30 seconds to a minute, depending on general preferences and the amount of dirt or other items accumulated on the hair piece.
  • Let soak in sink for about 15 minutes.  The time table will vary, depending upon which experts you ask.  3-5 minutes can be a proper time frame as well, if you're busy and in a hurry.
  • Empty the sink and then rinse the synthetic hair in cool water.  Never use hot water with synthetic hair pieces. 
  • Squeeze the excess water out, but do not rub or twist it in the process.  You may also press with a towel, gently. 
  • Leave your piece in a ventilated and open area to dry over night.
  • After an overnight drying session, you will be able to style it (only after it is completely dry).

It will be good to follow a 2 to 3 week washing pattern with your synthetic hair piece in order to keep it in tip-top shape.  Use synthetic safe products, have two pieces ready just in case washing and drying on one takes longer than expected, and never twist or rub while washing or drying.  As well, it's important not to use hot water or hot air (blow dryer) on it as it will cause serious damage to the fibers of the hair.

Washing Methods for Human Hair Pieces

Human hair pieces will have almost the same methods of washing as those of its synthetic counterparts.  Thus, you will follow the steps above on how to wash a wig but there will be slight changes:
  • For human hair, it is okay to wash in lukewarm water, instead of only cool water.  You will also use the manufacturer's shampoo and conditioner, specific to human hair pieces.
  • In addition, human hair can be used with heat, such as rollers, driers, and curling irons.  There won't be any damage associated with using heat products, unlike the synthetic variation. 

There will be a wide range of things one can do with the human hair version, style wise.  From straight pieces to curly pieces, and back again, human hair wigs can be washed and styled as you so desire.  There are other available pieces as well, including the:

  • WhisperLite, which will provide the wearer with a natural and light looking hair piece.  It also features Kanekalon, which is reputedly the most manageable fiber available for wearers today.
  • VersaFiber, will offer you a cost effective way to get the styling you need from human hair pieces.  You'll be able to style your hair differently each new day if you'd like -- Whenever the fancy hits you to try something new, the VersaFiber pieces will be there.
  • TraveLite/Coolcap will keep you cool, comfortable, and stylish throughout those particularly hot days.

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