How to wear a tunic top

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tunic on plus size model
A neck slit with buttons modestly flatters fuller chests
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Learn how to wear a tunic top and look great for all types of functions

Tunics are one of the most flattering styles a woman can wear when styled right. With an array of cuts, fits, patterns and different lengths available, these tips will show how to put together stylish outfits that'll have you looking and feeling fantastic.

Knowing how to wear a tunic top can be as simple as dressing up an over-sized shirt with tights and a belt. Many women love them for their extra length and often loose, comfortable fit. You can wear them on dates, to work or enjoying a casual day at home.

This style comes in every material you can want from knit and linen to incredibly soft cotton. The defining trait is its hip-length which falls longer than typical shirts and shorter than skirts. This length can be equally stunning on women with petite, hourglass or plus-sized figures. 
As always, the trick is choosing cuts designed to flatter

Get the right fit

When youíre wearing tops with generous length, itís important to get the right fit. In general, you should be able to put it on without tugging. When itís on, the top should feel loose not tight or even snug. 

Tunics move with you, they billow slightly and give you a breezy feel. The cut around the neck and fit around your chest should fit like a glove to lend structure and accentuate your shape. V-necks and deep scoop necks are especially flattering as they draw the eye up.

Eyes up here

To draw attention from wider hips and thighs, stick to the longest tops with asymmetrical cuts to avoid accentuating what you're trying to hide. Tops with a simple A-line form will fall gracefully over your hips.

Solid, button-down tunics elongate your body and look effortlessly sexy worn with heels. Donít shy away from patterns entirely, though! Floral and geometric patterns are energizing when the cut is simple, like a scoop neck and three-quarter length sleeves.

Add a little shape

This is key if you want to know how to wear a tunic top that suits your individual style. Do you love the added length, but arenít thrilled about how it hangs like a sack? Manipulate the shape. Add a belt around your belly button to accentuate a narrow waist, or use a wide belt for a slimming effect. 

A simple way to hide a fuller midsection is to choose a top with either a structured Empire waist or an elastic draw string that falls around the hips. Avoid ones that have pockets or pattern details near the waist.

Pair a top that has a low elastic waist with opaque tights and ankle boots for a flirty look. In a professional setting where you want to stand out in a good way, wear a silky fabric with a subtle pattern and dramatic earrings for balance.

Play up your hourglass

If youíre busty on top and curvy at the hips, tailored tunics are made for you. A slight A-line shape will gently trace your lovely shape, not hide it. Plus V-necks and slit necks will complement the curves you have in a refined way.

Bring volume to a slim figure

Ladies with smaller busts or straight hips look best draped in colorful Jersey tunics. Choose styles with beading around the neckline or ruching on the sides to bring more volume to your silhouette. Add a narrow belt or choose one with an elastic draw string to cinch the waist for a more defined shape.

These tips on how to wear a tunic top are all the excuse you need to work more of them into your wardrobe. Theyíre ideal for every season whether you layer them with tights and knits or throw one on with sandals and shorts. Theyíre that perfect mix of feminine, stylish and comfortable.

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