How to wear light blue jeans

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jeans 80s looks
Light jeans and flat shoes for an 80s look
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Knowing how to wear light blue jeans can help you look super fashionable

If you were around in the 1980s, there's a pretty good chance you had at least one pair of light blue jeans in your wardrobe. After the early '90s when the grunge movement lost steam, these pants went away with that messy look and those left wanting to don them in the cold.

If you're wondering how to wear light blue jeans and still fit in with today's fashion, you're in luck because these are coming back in style.

1980s Throwback

Believe it or not, the looks of the '80s are making a reappearance. Paint-splattered and acid-washed jeans aren't necessarily back in the forefront of fashion, but a few, select styles are being seen around, like the off the shoulder shirt.

Slip into a pair of fair-colored cropped denim pants or some that are super skinny. Throw on a sweater or sweat-shirt that falls off of the shoulder and you'll have that totally 1980s look think of the movie Flashdance for inspiration.

Finish things off by donning a pair of cute ballet flats and some sparkly bangles. While your look channels the '80s, it is totally fashionable and modern at the same time.

Shopping Look

When you're on a mission to find some seriously sassy duds, you've got to look fabulous while doing so. One way to do this is by wearing those light blue jeans.

Forget donning anything that resembles neon, and skip the light, faded colors while you're at it. Your pale pants need darker, richer hues to complement them and help them look their best. Shades on the bright side often clash with your faded pants and can leave you looking washed out.

Instead, opt for an emerald green, three-quarter-length sleeve top. The rich hue will really bring out your skin tones and go oh-so-beautifully with your denim. A sassy necklace and earrings add some spice to the look. Depending on the type of pant you go with, you can get away with a variety of shoes.

For instance, cropped and skinny denim pants will look fab with a pair of stilettos. If boot cut or wide-legged pants are more your style, sandals are the way to go. You can even take this opportunity to debut your new hot pair of boots. Just make sure you can walk around comfortably in whatever kicks you go with.

Date Look

You can totally pull off rocking these quirky pants when going on a date. The key is to wear a super fashionable top with your killer slacks.

For instance, combining your flattering pants with a puff-sleeved sweater gives you a bit of sophistication and is perfect for that date.

To really get into the date mood, roll your straight-legged pants until they are just a bit above your ankle. Now slip into a gorgeous pair of heels. Just about any heel will work, whether it is strappy or a sparkly pump.

Because of the puffy sleeves, the eyes will travel to your arms. Play this up by donning a variety of bracelets to give your arms even more attention.

What Not to Wear

To prevent yourself from looking like a fashion faux pas, you should avoid a few pieces when donning your pants. For starters, tank tops aren't really flattering with this type of denim, unless you are going for the Kid Rock look.

Additionally, T-shirts will make you look like you've just stepped out of a rodeo or grunge concert. If this is what you are going for, however, you'll nail it. Otherwise, just say no.

Once you know how to wear light blue jeans properly, you can go out in public feeling confident you rocked that denim like a pro.


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