Ladies golf fashion for Fall

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Fashion for women golfers has come a long long way.
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Heads up, Women Golfers. Fall fashions offer vibrant colors and feminine details

Golf is one sport often associated with a particular style. For women golfers, pink shirts, long khaki shorts and lose fitting argyle polo shirts have long been closet standards. This fall, ladies golf fashion will have women looking as good as they play. These styles feature functional fabrics with classic, preppy silhouettes in an array of fresh, pretty colors.

If you belong to a golf club, as you probably know, itís a good idea to review your clubís dress code before you shop. Many dress codes dictate a set length for skirts, skorts and sleeves and often require collars on shirts.

Designers know that women golfers look for quality, style and design in their gear and clothing. From sweaters and tops, to dresses, bottoms and outerwear, this yearís fall fashions put a few twists on traditional cuts with an emphasis on trim fits that project confidence on and off the course.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts deserve their own category in the world of ladies golf fashion. They offer casual comfort during matches and an effortless, put-together look. For this fall, popular brands and a handful of new designers have tweaked the polo design with a few feminine touches. Look for polos with stiff collars made of soft, thin cotton that falls on the body below the waist. Youíll also see shirts with thin stripes and a solid collars in light orange, grass-green and ice blue.

Button Down Tops

Button down tops with long or ĺ length sleeves come in more shades of blue this season than pinks and purples. Designed to be mixed and matched with different styles of pants, the cuts are contoured to a womanís shape. Look for blended soft fabrics with a flattering stretch and UV ray protection. Conveniently, you can find suitable button down shirts for golfing at retail stores including the Gap, Bloomingdales and Nordstroms.

Skirts and Skorts

If you live in a warm climate, fall doesnít necessarily mean it's time to pack away the skirts. Skorts and skirts take on a fun, flirty feel on the golf course and this fall designs donít shy away from feminine detailing. With a slight ruffle at the bottom or cuts that fall just above the knee, standard straight cuts in white, navy and black have just a touch of sexy.


Every golfing woman's collection should include a long, lightweight cotton pant with a hint of stretch or stylish casual shorts that hit just above the knee. A creased leg is slightly tempered and has a vented hem, and angled front pockets with welt pockets in back. This design comes in classic black and khaki. Look for a similar pant that is wrinkle resistant in breathable fabrics that wick sweat and offer protection against UV rays. In contrast, a new entry into the world of ladieís golf fashion, we have seen offers a black wide-legged pant with thin green strips, a perfect match for a solid top.


According to Vogue magazine, the new Toby Tucker line also features a dress fit for a halter sports bra with pockets for a score card. Fabrics used in this line are antibacterial, wick moisture and offer protection from UV rays. Quagmire Golf, also a rather new player in womenís apparel, has womenís golf dresses in earthy colors, yellow and blue plaid, and bright green. The styles range from a classic polo dress, to a collared button down dress with a belt and slight ruffle in the skirt. On a cool day, these dresses look sporty and figure flattering beneath a fleece mockneck jacket or a warm sweater.


In the spirit of mixing and matching, look for cardigans and a few classic V and crew neck sweaters in solid colors to throw over a patterned polo or collared shirt or dress. Under Armourís dark teal V-neck lightweight sweater has a ventilated pointelle stitch with anti-odor protection and a thin white stripe at the neck and cuff line. Youíll see soft, thin sweaters designed to travel well and hug the body without bunching clothing underneath. As far as colors, anything goes as every color was on display at the PGA Merchandise Show for Women Golfers.


Golf outwear is designed to keep you warm and dry in bad weather. Jackets should be fitted to maximize warmth, while large enough to accommodate your layers underneath. The waist line and cuffs should slightly cling to the body to seal out the cold and hoods will never go out of style. Youíll see pullovers, buttoned jackets and zippers fashioned from the latest performance material. When choosing a color, consider venturing outside of your comfort zone with red or aqua, or stick with neutral, earthy classics like khaki, black and white with leather detailing.

Feminine Accessories

Top off your fall look with a colorful nail polish, leather or suede belts in earth tones, and LilyBethís thin, leather golf gloves.

More women than ever are designing clothes for women golfers. This means more attention to detail in ladies golf fashion -- and much more variety!

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