Leather fashion trends

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Leather fashion trends are a combination of classic and funky this season

Few materials can make you feel at once cool, edgy and comfortable as leather. Produced by tanning animal raw animal hides, durability and resistance to scratches make it the go-to choice for motorcyclists, professionals and travelers alike.

Todayís leather fashion trends are as varied as the women and men who wear them. Jackets, trendy handbags and pants push the idea of what we think this material is, giving us something soft and delicate instead. Other styles embrace the timelessness of a jacket you can wear for decades.

Some of the hottest looks to light up the runways feature peak-a-boo dresses, drapey coats and super sexy pencil skirts all made from leather. Donít worry, boots, leggings and clutch bags rock this material, too. Whether youíre looking to release your inner rebel or bring a little sophistication to the work wardrobe, these designs will give you much to crave. 

Let these leather fashion trends inspire you. Then work them into your closet to give the old wardrobe a little attitude.


Few garments can instantly turn up the temperature in a room like an ultra feminine leather dress. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie show that sleeveless black dresses can look completely sophisticated as long as youíre comfortable and the dress fits like a glove. Pair with strappy heels and minimal jewelry. Run a brush through your hair and youíre good to go.

Looking for something a little more surprising than black? On the runway, designers like Thakoon Panichgul shows us conservative cuts in neon red, purple and orange, while Diane Von Furstenberg spices up wool dresses with black panels.

Brown pleated, knee-length dresses and black midis with a cinched waist offer some fun, trendy choices you can wear any day. Complete the look with a narrow belt, arm-length gloves and smooth, sleek hair.


Longer skirts accentuate the silhouette and pair beautifully with sequin and knit tops. A fitted band tee shirt and simple skirt tell the world youíre a rocker with style. For a unique professional outfit, tuck a fitted blouse into the skirt. Look for tops with structure, buttons or prints to bring contrast. But regardless of whatís on top, long-ish skirts and ankle boots are made for each other, though strappy heels look good, too.


What would be leather fashion trends without a few iconic pieces? The jacket is a natural garment for this fabric because it naturally offers warmth and protection. Plus they go with anything from a nice dress to jeans.

The short trench gives you a stylish shape with a belt that pulls in the waist. The wide collar looks professional, providing a versatile look for day and night. Shorter coats are much lighter so you can wear them in mild weather.

Tan, dark brown and black are still the most popular color choices, but red is widely available, too. Known for his outwear, Helmut Lang recently showed coats lined with shearling that end between the waist and knees and can make any woman look tall and sophisticated.

Pants and Leggings

Slimming and sexy, leather pants will have you sashaying whether youíre walking around the house or on a first date. Keep it tame up top to avoid going overboard. A simple knit top with a loose weave or light chiffon top softens the overall outfit. Wear pants with strappy heels or ballet flats and minimal jewelry.

Try leggings on before you buy them. With the right fit, they will make the most casual tunic or long sweater look daring.


Gloves, handbags, gloves and hats are the perfect accessory with your favorite leather jacket. Look for gloves with a knit cuff, zipper or strap adjustment to ensure a snug fit. The envelope clutch is among the hottest hand bag styles, along with hobos and satchels.

With so many fine leather styles hitting a clothing store near you, itís a good time to invest in a few pieces that will keep you looking good for many years to come.


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