Mother's day ideas for grandma

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Grandmother's are extra-special!
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Grandmother's are extra-special to shop for

The month of May holds a very special day for many - - Motherís Day. Itís a special occasion and a big day for giving gifts to those special women in our lives. 

Motherís are generally nurturerís by nature and tend to enjoy gifts that are personal or specially designed with them in mind. This is also why creative, expressive gifts are as popular as are gifts that pertain specifically to their hobbies and interests.

Although mothers are special, for some, grandmothers are extra special. For many of us, they have been the matriarchís of our families, helping to mold and shape our lives to be the adults that we are today. So, when it comes to motherís day ideas for grandma, thereís often a ďno holds barredĒ attitude since we want to shower grandma with gifts and attention equivalent to the love sheís shown for us. 

You can take some common interests of motherís day ideas for grandma and put a little spin on them to make them interesting and fun. You can also select gifts that make it easier for her to get around, and products that make her hobbies more accessible. To make the day extra special, be sure to select gifts and ideas that are specifically catered to her personality and suited to her taste.


If grandma likes gardening, order her new garden implements and tools to play with. You can break the tools in by using them first as a surprise for grandma by sprucing up her yard a bit. De-weeding, fertilizing, re-potting flowers and shaping the shrubbery should give grandma a pleasant surprise on her special day.

Since gardening is hard work, be sure to thoroughly think through the things that Grandma will need to help make her hobby fun and enjoyable. Things like kneeling benches, wide brim hats (for sun protection), a good pair of gardening gloves and perhaps even a pair of rubber pants are ideal gifts. These are some of the gardening gifts that fit into the motherís day ideas for grandma that can help make it all special.


Does grandma like to cook? Most grannies do, and trying new recipes may be something that they enjoy testing on their loved ones. Consider getting her a full set of of high-quality cookware that she can use for her cooking interests. Cookware of durable, lasting quality is sure to last and withstand the rigors of multiple uses without disappointing.

Another gift idea to consider for your granny cook is to do something out of the ordinary. Order gourmet or specialty foods that she would enjoy and have them served to her the day before Motherís Day. This will be a pleasantly welcomed surprise and the chance to pamper her and make her feel really special.

A twist to the cooking idea is to cook up a month of her favorite foods and store them in her freezer. Label them according to meats, vegetable and deserts along with little notes inside each of them telling her how special she is to you. She will relish the special thought and the time that you took to prepare some of her favorite foods that she enjoys. This is a new spin on an old idea and can last beyond the special celebratory day.

Active Lifestyles

Being a grandma doesnít mean that she has to be inactive! Many seniors keep an active lifestyle through routine exercise and love to do things that keep their bodies and minds engaged. There are many active senior citizen groups available in different communities that they could join. Or, they may want to increase their fitness levels in the privacy of their homes by using their own exercise equipment. 

Your motherís day ideas for grandma through exercise can help them stay active and even substantially increase their fitness levels. You can get her a treadmill or a recumbent stationery bike to use for her daily exercise. This will motivate her to stay active if the bike is at home with her and she has immediate access to the equipment.

An active lifestyle for grandma involves being able to do things on her own with minimal to no assistance. Gifts that let her do this will be things that assist her and not hinder her progress. These can be things that are personal grooming items or everyday products that keep her safe.  

Some ideas include walking canes, scooters or electric wheelchairs. Things like electric wheelchairs and scooters help grandma and assist her everyday, yet still leave her to be as independent as she needs and wants to be. In many cases, these items are a necessity, but you can make them personal and special in several ways:

> Order the walking cane in her favorite color or with a signature handle like brass or gold.

> Have her name engraved on the wheelchairs spokes or on the leather seat to make it extra personal. 

> Find her unusual gadgets that are fun, yet practical.

Grandma definitely deserves the very best. If you can get her something that is special, different or practical, do it and watch her smile! And be sure to just give it from your heart. Grandma is sure to enjoy those gifts given in love.

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