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flattering plus-size dress
Flattering dresses make any event extra special
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Zaftig women do not have to settle for less when it comes to special occasions

Zaftig women do not have to settle for less when it comes to plus size special occasion fashions.

Not every woman is a stick figure and not every woman desires to be. Most women have curves, including breasts and hips, and this is nothing to be ashamed about.

If you are large, or should we say zaftig -- a very cool Yiddish term that is applied to pleasingly plump women who a have full-rounded figure -- do not fret and fume because you do not disappear when you turn sideways. Embrace your ampleness, your voluptuousness, and wear fashions that enhance your curves!

For every body type, there is the perfect and flattering plus-size special occasion dress. However, you must learn which outfits are for you, flattering your curves and letting you "work it." You must consider fabric, texture, color and silhouette.

Perhaps you are going to a swanky wedding or you are the bride yourself. You can be a plus-size woman and have many options in flattering plus size special occasion fashions.

A dress or skirt that is "A" line flatters virtually everyone. An "A" line is tailored close to the body at the top and then gently flares. If you have great legs, show them off. If your gams are not so great, wear an ankle length or floor length ensemble in an "A" line cut. An "A" line effectively hides what you want to hide. It conceals a rear and large hips, as well as balancing your torso with your breasts.

The ball gown silhouette is another option. A ball gown silhouette gathers at a tapered waistline and the flowing skirt drifts to the floor. The bodice is fitted. If your breasts, arms, neckline, back and shoulders are your best features this is the dress for you. No one is going to pay attention, or even be aware, of the weight that you are carrying below.

A ball gown style will make the most of an hour glass figure and your waistline while simultaneously hiding your hips and showcasing your bust. Wear some stunning jewels at the neckline and on your ears and you will be the belle of the ball.

Another tried and true style in plus-size women's clothing is the empire waist dress. The seam is right under you breast and flows into the skirt. Again, if your upper body is the best part of you, the empire waist gown will show it off. If you have big arms, get a dress with sleeves or wear a shrug to cover that which you do not want exposed. Women who tend to carry weight in their mid section can conceal this by wearing an empire waist gown.

A classic Greek or Roman styled dress features vertical panels that will follow the shape of your body. The overall look is smooth and flowing and creates a lean look, while minimizing your hips and hiding your tummy.

The sheath style dress is a good option if you have not weighed 100 pounds since you were a kid. The sheath will camouflage a tummy and decrease the size of your hips. A sheath turns into a mermaid style when the skirt flares out at or below your knees.

You can always wear Spanx underneath your gown if you are self-conscious about your weight. Spanx is a great invention. It tucks you in, is comfortable and eliminates bulges, sheering off excess poundage.

Look for plus size special occasion fashions that flatter with sparkle and detail around the neckline, drawing attention to your face. Accessorize with glittery shoes, great jewelry and a fancy - but not too tiny - evening purse. Don't forget to celebrate the occasion with a lovely up-do or other special hairstyle, flattering your beautiful face and showing off your fancy dress!

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