How to pull together a nautical look

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nautical bathing beauties
Sail away in classic bathing beauty style
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Pull together a nautical look that flatters your figure and style

Nautical fashions return every summer looking as fresh as ever. Itís easy to see why. Red, white and blue create a clean, crisp color combination while strips, polka dots small patterns are versatile enough to flatter every body type.

This is an easy trend to put your own spin on because thereís plenty of room to play. Incorporate nautical-themed accessories and experiment with a bold red lipstick or black liquid eye liner. Summer is a perfect time switch up your routine with a wink to bathing beauties of the past, starting in the 1920ís.

There are a few simple tricks to pull together a nautical look that achieves that desired result of effortless sophistication. Maybe you will spend all summer lounging on a yacht or cruising the open seas with a handsome mate, or maybe like every other woman you simply like the style. Either way, hereís how to pull it off without crossing the costumey line.

Donít go overboard

This trend can easily turn against you if you pile it on. Choose one detail to accentuate and keep everything else neutral. This means donít pair a striped dress with starfish earrings and a sailor cap. 

Pair a blue and white striped shirt with white or dark washed jeans and basic sandals to create a casual stylish outfit for the day. You can also build an ensemble around a favorite accessory. Pull your hair back to show off anchor earrings and wear solid colors with a single stripe at the sleeves or hem.

Surrender to stripes

To pull together a nautical look, you must embrace the elegance of a bold pattern. This season the bigger the stripes, the better.  Jumbo stripes in geometric designs stand out in a sea of mini horizontals for all the right reasons. Simple shoes, minimal accessories and neutral makeup best allow striped clothing to shine.

Many women shy away from stripes because horizontal ones are most common even though theyíre not universally flattering. If youíre uncertain of what looks best on you, stick with vertical or diagonal stripes. Theyíre slimming and give the illusion of height. Who doesnít want that?

Go beyond stripes

No nautically inclined closet would be complete without stripes. Theyíre a staple for many, but theyíre not youíre only option. Donít think youíre off the hook in the pattern department just because you donít like stripes. 

One of the coolest aspects of this trend is the variety of fun patterns you get to work with. Throw on a blue and white polka dot dress with a skinny belt to cinch the waist and red lipstick to up the glam factor. Patterns featuring stars, anchors, rope or shells evoke the easy feel of dangling your legs off a dock at dusk.

Remember other colors exist

Please donít limit yourself to blues, reds and neutrals all season. Summer fashions should be breezy and colorful. A striped dress featuring turquoise or a citrusy orange will still hit the ocean-themed notes paired with a thick white belt, canvas wedges and casual hair. 

Choose breathable fabrics

Nautical styles are popular in part because of the light, breathable fabrics theyíre made with. Seersucker and cotton will keep you cool and comfortable no matter how many heat waves hit.

Easy hair, fun handbag

Add waves to your hair to pull together a nautical look thatís both sexy and classic. Thereís no shortage of nautical-themed totes and wristlets available so choose one thatís both fashionable and durable enough to keep your phone dry and sand-free all season.

The nautical trend has a way of luring you in. Donít fight it! Itís fun and makes you want to enjoy the summer to the fullest. 

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