Teaching clients how to spray tan

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Do your clients need tips on how to spray tan?
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Teaching clients how to spray tan includes communicating easy tips for beginners

Sunless tanning is an approach to getting the sun-kissed look without the sun damage.  As a spray tan salon operator, you will regularly need skills in teaching clients how to spray tan.

Here are some tips to give others when they want to learn how to spray tan or keep their color looking just as good when they left the tanning parlor.

How To spray tan: Preparation

First, avoid deodorant, perfume, and make up before tanning.  These negatively react to the ingredients in airbrush tanning solutions.  As an expert, recommend that your clients leave their skin bare before practicing how to spray tan at home.


Second, exfoliate about 24 hours before tanning.  Tell your clients that this is important because the skinís condition and appearance affects how to spray tan.  Without exfoliation, the tan looks blotchy. This makes people spray on more to even the color. 


On the other hand, exfoliation smoothes the skin and gives your tan a more aesthetic appearance.  To achieve this, some brush their skin with a hard loofa.   Still, others save time and opt for prior hair removal. Shaving and waxing, for instance, not only clear the hair but also smooth the skin.  However, if this is chosen, allow time between the hair removal and the tanning itself, according to the skinís sensitivity afterwards.


Third, moisturize the skin.  Sealing moisture into the skin influences how to spray tan in two ways.  First, it helps skin stay youthful. Second, it can save certain areas from looking unnatural. Moisturize your brows and nails, for instance. Remind your clients: Donít forget the feet.


Finally, go to a tan-safe area, or  a place pre-safeguarded from tan stains. This is one advantage of spray tanning professionally.  The customer doesnít have to worry about sloppiness or surprise stains on the floor. Warn your clients that if she tans at her house, she may have to clean the curtains or scrub the color off the floor.

How to spray tan: Getting to Work

For a natural look, counsel your clients that the spray tan must be applied in fast, short strokes. If someone wants a darker tan, spray slower. A spray tan should be applied from the same distance from your body each time. Stand still so that the tan sprays evenly from the feet up to the face.   Plus, remember to spin slowly for a nice, all over tan!


How to spray tan: Aftercare

Remind clients to wear loose, dark clothing after applying bronzer, or spraying bronzer-mixed spray.  Looser clothes help your tan dry faster and avoid staining when so close to the skin. However, if it does stain, the darker colors keep it hidden in case youíre walking around. 


How to spray tan: Try, try again!

Sunless tans last about a week.  If someoneís unhappy with her look, point out that each personís skin is different and so are tanning products, after sun products and spray tanning equipment. Encourage her to relax and try different techniques as she learns how to spray tan. 


However, when she finds a product thatís successful, stick with it!  Using the same brand and repeating the process identically helps the skin to hold the tan longer over time.

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